How to Recruit After a Business Presentation!

There are subtle ways and direct ways to do it.


So your prospect has just finished watching or listening to your business opportunity presentation. Now it’s time to ask them to join your team. What to do? Here are a few simple ways to go for the close. Continue reading “How to Recruit After a Business Presentation!”

What Can Wrestling Teach You About Success?

5 great lessons in personal development

Most people don’t think of professional wrestling when they think of personal development. On the outside, it seems like just another violent TV show. However, underneath all the people being slammed through tables, pushed off ladders, and beaten with metal chairs, there are some great life lessons. Continue reading “What Can Wrestling Teach You About Success?”

2 Questions to Improve Your Prospecting Skills!

Things to keep in mind for your next chat with a prospect!

There’s an old saying that you can learn something from anything, as long as you look for it. This is true for our line of work. No matter how great or how bad your last prospecting call, live presentation, etc. may have been, there are lessons to be learned from it. Lessons that can be used for the next time. Continue reading “2 Questions to Improve Your Prospecting Skills!”

How to Find the Best Long Distance Prospects!

Time to stop posting ads in random cities!

Everybody knows that the internet allows entrepreneurs to easily expand their business to cities and states far outside of their hometown. With that brings endless options of places to post our ads. I’m just curious, if you wanted to go fishing, would you just row to some random lake at a random time? Or would you prefer to do some research and go to best spot? Marketing beyond your local audience works the same way. Continue reading “How to Find the Best Long Distance Prospects!”

What if Your Guest Brings a Guest?

What to say if your guest doesn’t want to enroll, but their guest does!

Imagine this: you’re at an opportunity meeting with your guest, and she brought her two brothers with her. The three of them sit through the exact same presentation; your guest is uninterested in joining your company, but her brothers love what they saw, and are ready to sign up. What do we do now? Continue reading “What if Your Guest Brings a Guest?”

Do You Like to Get Compliments?

1 simple habit of a successful person!

Most people love compliments. There’s something about hearing a stranger tell us how sharply dressed we are, or a family member telling us that they are proud of us, that helps us feel happy. Why not hold onto that feeling a little longer? Continue reading “Do You Like to Get Compliments?”

How to Write Headlines That Grab Attention!

5 secrets of attractive headlines.

Whether you’re writing a headline for a flyer, a blog, a Craigslist ad, or any other advertisement, it’s a great idea to have a specific structure of words to guide what you’re going to write. As with most things, there are a few ways to write headlines that grab more attention than others. In fact, a weak title can keep people from reading the rest of your ad. Continue reading “How to Write Headlines That Grab Attention!”