How to Ask for Your Prospects’ Personal Info!

A simple way to get your prospects’ credit info and social security number!


A common roadblock for network marketers lies in the application process. Whether you’re selling something or recruiting people, you’ll have to ask for the prospect’s banking or credit card information, and maybe their social security number. Some marketers are afraid to ask for those details. Some prospects are afraid to give out those details. The following scripts will ease the fears of both of you. Continue reading “How to Ask for Your Prospects’ Personal Info!”

How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks!

An LoA testimony of two disappointments turning into solutions.

The following is a Law of Attraction testimony involving a series of situations where I had a setback, only for things to work out better than planned. Continue reading “How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks!”

Are You Making Illegal Ads?

Don’t make another picture ad until you read this!

So you were browsing Facebook, and found a picture with an awesome quote on it. Now you want to use it for the latest post on your blog. Maybe even your business website. Or maybe you want to stamp your brand on the picture, then share it on Instagram. I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. If you do any of those things, you can get sued! Continue reading “Are You Making Illegal Ads?”

Why Would You Hate Rich People?

A semi rant that debunks some beliefs about rich people.

Most people want to be rich. If you are a normal man or woman, you cannot help doing so. One reason why people don’t get rich is an ironic one: they hate rich people. By law of attraction, hate towards the rich repels any chances of them becoming rich, and attracts things that block their progress in trying to become rich. This is especially bad for entrepreneurs. Continue reading “Why Would You Hate Rich People?”

No, Seriously, What do You Do?!

How to answer when someone asks where you work!

I’m just curious, why DO we make such a big mess out of answering that question? When talking to friends and family, we dance around the answer. When giving out cards, we ignore people who ask what it’s all about. When advertising on job sites, we leave out the most important thing: what they’ll be doing! How’s that working out for you? Continue reading “No, Seriously, What do You Do?!”

Why are You an Entrepreneur?

This article details my Whys for being an entrepreneur. They might help you discover your Why, might not.

Everybody knows that having a Why — a strong reason for doing something — can greatly improve your chances of success. A person’s Why is often their main source of motivation; something beyond money and fame. It’s what you look at when you face rejection time and time again. It helps you when you hit rock bottom in life and need something to help you climb back up. Continue reading “Why are You an Entrepreneur?”

How NOT to Promote Personal Development!

A must-read for anyone who wants to introduce loved ones to personal development.

As students of personal development, we all have moments when we wish everyone else was more positive and grateful in life. We wish they understood the power that their mindset has over their lives. What better people to bring to the light than friends and family? I have a great story that details two very different introductions to personal development. Might show you some right and wrong ways to promote it, might not. Continue reading “How NOT to Promote Personal Development!”