5 Ways to be More Accountable for Your Goals!

Because even our goals need help.


Whether we’re going for New Year’s Resolutions or more traditional goals, it helps to hold ourselves accountable. Accountability is what puts us back on track when we find ourselves slacking or tempted to give up. There are numerous ways that we and our loved ones can keep us following one course until successful. Continue reading “5 Ways to be More Accountable for Your Goals!”

How to Dress Your Home for Success!

Who needs wallpaper when you can do this?

If you’re like most people, you may be familiar with dream boards. What makes them powerful is that they keep your goals right in front of you every day. Even on a subconscious level, you become ingrained to see your goals as a reality, therefore attracting the means to achieve them. Well, who says that a dream board is the only way to do that? Continue reading “How to Dress Your Home for Success!”

How to Make an Advanced Dream Board!

Advice for beginners and those who already have vision boards.

A dream board — also known as a vision board — is a popular goal-setting tool popularized by The Secret. How it works is, you find pictures of things that represent your goals, such as your dream car or a happy family, and put them on a board that you keep somewhere you can see it constantly. Because you’re consistently looking at pictures of your goals, you’ll soon believe that you’ll have them, which will get to the point where you attract them into your life. Continue reading “How to Make an Advanced Dream Board!”

What Can Wrestling Teach You About Success?

5 great lessons in personal development

Most people don’t think of professional wrestling when they think of personal development. On the outside, it seems like just another violent TV show. However, underneath all the people being slammed through tables, pushed off ladders, and beaten with metal chairs, there are some great life lessons. Continue reading “What Can Wrestling Teach You About Success?”

What Can Mountain Climbing Teach Us About Resolutions?

A tragic lesson in goal-setting!

There is a fascinating statistic in regards to mountain climbing. Not only is it a surprising one, it also paints a perfect picture of the problem with using short-term strategies for long-term goals like New Year’s Resolutions. Continue reading “What Can Mountain Climbing Teach Us About Resolutions?”

8 Daily Habits of a Self-Help Junkie!

Here are some great habits to start and end your day!

There’s an old saying that our habits are the reason why our lives are what they are. If you’re dissatisfied with your life, commitment to great habits can turn it around. Continue reading “8 Daily Habits of a Self-Help Junkie!”

What Do You Intend for Today?

Another simple Law of Attraction exercise.

There’s an old saying that what you faithfully expect to happen today, usually happens by the end of the day. There’s an old activity in Law of Attraction circles that helps you do just that. It’s called the Placemat Exercise. The object of this exercise is to attract solutions outside of what you think is possible. Continue reading “What Do You Intend for Today?”