4 Simple Questions to Close Your Prospects!

…and to find out how serious they are.


Most people would agree that the more you know about your prospect before they join your business opportunity, the better. One way to learn about this person whom you’ll be mentoring and possibly working alongside of is to ask them certain series of questions. Continue reading “4 Simple Questions to Close Your Prospects!”

How to Sort the 4 Types of Guests!

There are four types of guests at a presentation.

Everyone knows that after the business presentation comes that big moment when the guests have to make a decision. Will they sign up, or will they let you say “next”? Your role at this point is to help them make that decision, and you can start by sorting the guests into groups. Continue reading “How to Sort the 4 Types of Guests!”

Why Not Set More Business Appointments?

Follow One Course Until Success. Focus on appointments.

I’m just curious, do you walk into a dentist’s office unannounced, take a seat in the big chair, and patiently wait for them to fix your teeth? Do you waltz into a lawyer’s office and expect them to just take your case? Do you go to a branch of a major corporation, step into the boss’s office, and tell them that you want to be an executive? If not, why would you, as an entrepreneur, enable your opportunity prospects to do this to you? Continue reading “Why Not Set More Business Appointments?”

What Do Your People Really Want?

Are you helping people, or are you just assuming that you’re helping them?

I’m just curious, when you talk to your prospects, who does most of the talking? When you’re talking to your teammate who hasn’t made a sale in a while, do you provide solutions, or generic pep talks? Unfortunately, the marketing industry is full of people who focus more on themselves than the prospect and their team. Continue reading “What Do Your People Really Want?”

How Important is Your Business Event?

As important as you want it to be.

On the Saturday before publishing this article, I — a New Jerseyan — attended a North Carolina presentation. The best thing I got out of it can be summed up in one sentence: a business presentation is only as big as we make it. There are some astonishingly simple ways to make a routine event look like the Super Bowl, and to make major event look boring and worthless. It’s all in how we treat it, which feeds into how our prospects see it. Continue reading “How Important is Your Business Event?”

How to Recruit After a Business Presentation!

There are subtle ways and direct ways to do it.

So your prospect has just finished watching or listening to your business opportunity presentation. Now it’s time to ask them to join your team. What to do? Here are a few simple ways to go for the close. Continue reading “How to Recruit After a Business Presentation!”

2 Questions to Improve Your Prospecting Skills!

Things to keep in mind for your next chat with a prospect!

There’s an old saying that you can learn something from anything, as long as you look for it. This is true for our line of work. No matter how great or how bad your last prospecting call, live presentation, etc. may have been, there are lessons to be learned from it. Lessons that can be used for the next time. Continue reading “2 Questions to Improve Your Prospecting Skills!”