What is Black Wall Street?

One of the most important landmarks of black history.


Imagine a neighborhood where everything from the buildings to the transportation was owned by African Americans. Picture a neighborhood where the majority of residents had plenty of money in their pockets and many had their own businesses. A neighborhood with a successful bus line and airline. Even it’s own hospital, schools, bank, and nearly every type of business you can think of, all crammed into this black-owned neighborhood. Are you seeing this in your mind yet? Continue reading “What is Black Wall Street?”

10 Black Inventions That We Use Every Day

You are probably eating and wearing a few right now!

If you’re like most people, the first and possibly only black inventor that came to mind when you read the title was George Washington Carver, with his 300 uses of the peanut. In actuality, there have been a vast number of African Americans throughout history who created things that most of us wouldn’t want to live without today. Some of those creations save countless lives to this day. The following are just a handful of those inventions. Continue reading “10 Black Inventions That We Use Every Day”

5 Ways That African Slaves Escaped

How far will you go to save your baby?

Everybody knows about slaves who lived their entire lives in bondage. What we don’t hear enough about are the slaves who escaped. When humans get backed into a corner, we often improvise creative solutions. Even with their limited education, literacy, speaking ability, etc., slaves were no exception to the rule. The following are 5 accounts of 6 slaves who miraculously found their way to freedom. Continue reading “5 Ways That African Slaves Escaped”

Should You or Should You Not?

That is the question!

Everybody knows that tough decisions are a part of life. Oftentimes, we have to do things that we don’t have much choice in. Those decisions include confronting people, following up with a client, asking people out on dates, and so on. Why not simplify your decision-making process? Continue reading “Should You or Should You Not?”

What Did I Learn From Almost Being Stranded?

I was once almost stranded in another state, 7 hours from home.

A few weeks before releasing this article, I traveled from New Jersey to North Carolina on a business trip. On the way home, I came shockingly close to being stranded 7 hours from home. And 3 hours away from the place where I had been staying.
Continue reading “What Did I Learn From Almost Being Stranded?”

7 Reasons to Stop Trying to Be Like Everyone Else!

Why bother trying to fit in?

Most people make it their life’s goal to keep up with the Joneses. Teenagers damage their own lives to be like the cool kids. Adults put themselves in debt to impress dates and coworkers. In the end, they often wind up with problems that could have been easily avoided just by staying in their own lane. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Stop Trying to Be Like Everyone Else!”

How to Handle Prospects Who Speak Another Language!

You don’t need to learn another language.

As of this writing, I’ve lived in predominantly Spanish neighborhoods for the past 15 years. Naturally, I get quite a few calls from Spanish prospects who start by asking me a certain question: “Do you speak Spanish?” In the beginning, I would lose those prospects because no, I don’t. Then I figured out the trick to inviting people to meetings and closing sales, in spite of the language barrier. Continue reading “How to Handle Prospects Who Speak Another Language!”