8 Easy Ways to Talk to Your Buyer’s Subconscious

Magic phrases, courtesy of superstar MLM guru, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


Everybody knows that the subconscious mind makes the majority of our decisions. Approximately 95% of our decisions, to be exact, according to Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Studies have shown that we subconsciously make decisions within 7 seconds before we consciously do it. Continue reading “8 Easy Ways to Talk to Your Buyer’s Subconscious”

Do Words Really Hurt?

Thoughts from a person who used to be sensitive to certain words.

Do words hurt? Do words have power over us? This is a debatable topic, even among those in the personal development field. I have a great story about an old fear of mine, as well as a short analysis on American society that illustrates my thoughts on this topic. Continue reading “Do Words Really Hurt?”

5 Key Lessons from Inner Success Radio Formal Bash!

A few takeaways from a personal development event I attended.

Since March 24, 2016, two of my colleagues, Demetrius Brown and Charles “Chuck” Rivers, have hosted a podcast called Inner Success Radio. Approximately 6 months later, the two of them hosted their very first live audience event. The occasion was that their show had recently become part of iHeartRadio.

Continue reading “5 Key Lessons from Inner Success Radio Formal Bash!”

What is the Scariest Thing to a Prospect?

This is where objections come from!

I’m just curious, what do you think is the most common objection in all of network marketing? Could it be the price? Or the fact that the prospect has no sales experience? Maybe they don’t have time for the business. Perhaps they’ve been in MLM before, and quit after talking to all 23 people in the world. Continue reading “What is the Scariest Thing to a Prospect?”

Would YOU Work with You?

Be honest with yourself!

Everybody knows that it’s easy to do unto others what isn’t happening to you. I’m just curious, do you ever look at your marketing strategies from an objective point of view, then ask yourself how you’d feel if you were the one being prospected? Here are a few examples: Continue reading “Would YOU Work with You?”

How to Talk to Prospects Using F.O.R.M.!

Most people would love to talk to you about these three topics!

In the sales industry, we have to be constantly talking to people. Of course, not all of us know how to eloquently talk about our business. F.O.R.M. is a great outline to use when conversing with a prospect. Continue reading “How to Talk to Prospects Using F.O.R.M.!”

How to Separate the Curious from the Serious!

That awkward moment when someone wants to work with you, but doesn’t know what you do!

Isn’t it amazing how many people will see an ad with our website, schedule an interview, then we call them the next day to find that they did zero research on our company? As a result, we’ve all wasted our (and our upline’s) time with people who ended up rejecting us after a long presentation, because we told them something they could have learned on page 1 of our website! Here’s a powerful way to weed those people out. Continue reading “How to Separate the Curious from the Serious!”