What Can Victoria’s Secret Teach You About Business?

The story behind this company is a beautifully disastrous inspiration.

Everybody knows that Victoria’s Secret is one of the top clothing brands in the world. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know the story of how it got to where it is. It’s a tale befitting of a fascinating book or a movie. A tale full of tragedy, lost opportunities, and riches-to-rags. This tale also contains valuable lessons for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Continue reading “What Can Victoria’s Secret Teach You About Business?”

Who Needs a Hero?

Everybody wants to be saved, but few are willing to save themselves.

Have you ever noticed how many people claim to want change, but make every excuse not to change themselves? The following story shows why to only focus on helping those who are serious about wanting help. Continue reading “Who Needs a Hero?”

How to Use “The List!”

The List is a great way to turn a maybe into a yes or no.

Everybody knows that a “no” is better than being ignored. We know this because many prospects agreed to go to our meetings or expect a followup call, only to ditch us. Then we call them over and over again, and find out that they’ve apparently left planet Earth. Would it be okay if we stop them from wasting our time from the start? Continue reading “How to Use “The List!””

How to Answer “How Does Your Product Work?”

Good news: You don’t have to know!

Not all salespeople sell a product or service that everyone is familiar with. Some companies sell weight loss candy. Some can eliminate past and present hospital bills. Many salespeople struggle when someone asks how to use their product. How can we condense mountains of strange information into something an average Joe can understand? Continue reading “How to Answer “How Does Your Product Work?””

The Hidden Struggle

Most people have at least one.

I’m just curious, do you make negative assumptions about people before knowing their whole story? The following is a powerful story I wrote about three common ways that people are judged. Continue reading “The Hidden Struggle”

My 5 Craziest Law of Attraction Stories!

Would you like to know how I manifested $4500?

I’ve been studying Law of Attraction since May 2011. Between then and now, I’ve seen some truly amazing things that more than convince me that The Secret is real. Things from financial testimonies, to reunions, to predicting the future. Continue reading “My 5 Craziest Law of Attraction Stories!”

What Did a Car Accident Teach me About Purpose?

Interesting fact: I was once hit by a car.

On the night of January 9, 2012, I was hit by a car. I was completely unharmed. There’s an interesting story about that night. Here’s what I wrote in my journal when I got home. Continue reading “What Did a Car Accident Teach me About Purpose?”