What if They Ask Too Many Questions?

Here’s how to respond to prospects who want you to explain everything!


I’m just curious, have you ever given someone your business card, complete with your website, phone number, email address, car model, favorite food, and first-born child’s middle name, and they still asked what it was all about? If you haven’t, don’t worry; you will! Continue reading “What if They Ask Too Many Questions?”

8 Daily Habits of a Self-Help Junkie!

Here are some great habits to start and end your day!

There’s an old saying that our habits are the reason why our lives are what they are. If you’re dissatisfied with your life, commitment to great habits can turn it around. Continue reading “8 Daily Habits of a Self-Help Junkie!”

4 Awesome Reasons to Have a Passport!

Everybody says they want to travel, most people say they don’t have a passport!

If you’re like most people, there are several places outside of your country that you’d love to visit. You might have some landmarks on your dream board. As awesome as it is to dream about world travel while we don’t have the means, it’s the little steps that we take now that will determine how far we’ll go.

Continue reading “4 Awesome Reasons to Have a Passport!”

What is Going to be Easier For You?

Would you rather put pressure on a prospect, or help them simplify their decision?

I’m just curious, have you ever noticed that most people love to take the easy way out? As marketers, we often look for the easiest way to be successful. Kids look for the easiest way to do chores without actually working. Parents look for the easiest way to get their kids to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. So why not use a simple line that allows your prospects to choose the easy option? Continue reading “What is Going to be Easier For You?”

If I Help You, Would You Help Me?

If I show you a short question that will get your prospects to do something, pressure-free, would you use it?

There’s an old saying that if you wanna get, you gotta give. One way to build rapport with people is to do something for them. Even when you follow it by asking them to do something for you in return, most people are focused on what you can do for them. Continue reading “If I Help You, Would You Help Me?”

When Should You Give Them Your Website?

A simple way to avoid endless rounds of phone tag.

I’m just curious, have you ever spoken to a prospect over the phone, then they asked for your website so they could “check it out later”? Don’t fall for it! Continue reading “When Should You Give Them Your Website?”

How to Recover From an Abusive Past!

Here’s my story of a 6-year abusive friendship, and how I moved on.

Over the course of six years, I was in an abusive friendship. It was a physical and mental abuse that affected me well after the end of it. I have since forgiven the “friend,” and want to share how I did it. It might help you overcome your past, might not. Continue reading “How to Recover From an Abusive Past!”