Are You Letting Your Kitchen Burn?

You can either complain about the fire, or put out the flames.

Everybody knows that our society has a tendency to complain without even attempting to solve the problem. The following story is a humorous illustration of what people do. Might make you laugh and look at your complaints in a different way, might not. Continue reading “Are You Letting Your Kitchen Burn?”

Speak Now or Never!

Would you rather go for something and fail, or stay still and fail?

We’ve all heard cliché phrases such as “just do it” and “tomorrow is not promised to anyone.” If you’re like most people, you want a bit more than a catchphrase to inspire you. The following story is one that illustrates an extreme downside of waiting too long. Continue reading “Speak Now or Never!”

Why Choose Almond Milk Over Regular Milk?

I’ll give you 4 great reasons.

A month before writing this article, my colleague introduced me to almond milk. After using only dairy my whole life, I made a switch. Even being an amateur on the technical health differences, there are a few things that influenced the trade-off. Continue reading “Why Choose Almond Milk Over Regular Milk?”

Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?

Or are YOU the yes person?

Most people would agree that it feels great to get positive feedback for our work. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our customers and peers gave positive reviews all the time for our stuff? No, it wouldn’t. Here’s why. Continue reading “Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?”

I Wish I Were You!

Does anyone really have it all?

Most people had a habit of wishing they were someone else. They see someone living the way they wish they did, and want to be in the other person’s place. Ironically, even those who seem to have it all often wish they were someone else. This story shows an interesting set of perspectives regarding this topic. Continue reading “I Wish I Were You!”

4 Great Benefits of Walking!

Walking: one of your new favorite pastimes.

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced some randomly warm to scorching hot days as recently as this article. The great news is that spring is right around the corner, eliminating most people’s excuse for not exercising. One of the easiest, and most fun and beneficial exercises is walking. Continue reading “4 Great Benefits of Walking!”

4 Awesome Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are just as great as their physical counterparts.

Everybody knows that the subject of physical books vs. audiobooks (not audio books) is a closely debated one. So closely that most comparisons result in either a stalemate or one winning over the other by mere preference. I’m neutral as far as which is best, but here are a few reasons why I believe audiobooks deserve your time if you’re one of 59% of Americans who have never listened to one. Continue reading “4 Awesome Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks!”