Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?

Or are YOU the yes person?


Most people would agree that it feels great to get positive feedback for our work. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our customers and peers gave positive reviews all the time for our stuff? No, it wouldn’t. Here’s why. Continue reading “Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?”

What Do Your People Really Want?

Are you helping people, or are you just assuming that you’re helping them?

I’m just curious, when you talk to your prospects, who does most of the talking? When you’re talking to your teammate who hasn’t made a sale in a while, do you provide solutions, or generic pep talks? Unfortunately, the marketing industry is full of people who focus more on themselves than the prospect and their team. Continue reading “What Do Your People Really Want?”

4 Great Benefits of Walking!

Walking: one of your new favorite pastimes.

If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced some randomly¬†warm to scorching hot days as recently as this article. The great news is that spring is right around the corner, eliminating most people’s excuse for not exercising. One of the easiest, and most fun and beneficial exercises is walking. Continue reading “4 Great Benefits of Walking!”

How to Handle Prospects Who Speak Another Language!

You don’t need to learn another language.

As of this writing,¬†I’ve lived in predominantly Spanish neighborhoods for the past 15 years. Naturally, I get quite a few calls from Spanish prospects who start by asking me a certain question: “Do you speak Spanish?” In the beginning, I would lose those prospects because no, I don’t. Then I figured out the trick to inviting people to meetings and closing sales, in spite of the language barrier. Continue reading “How to Handle Prospects Who Speak Another Language!”