This Inventor’s Work! 

What if the most important inventors in history had listened to the naysayers?

If you’re like most people, you’ve dealt with a few naysayers. You might even be putting up with a few today. The following satirical story will show you the consequences of listening to those small voices. Might keep you from quitting, might not. Continue reading “This Inventor’s Work! “

Where Does Money Come From?

One dollar is worth countless stories.

I’m just curious, have you ever thought about how often a single dollar bill changes hands before eventually getting lost or destroyed? Have you ever just looked at a dollar bill and thought about the businesses, the charities, the crimes, etc. that it was involved in before you got it? What new stories will it see when you spend it? The following story details the journey of a single dollar bill. Maybe you have some cash that can relate to this story! Continue reading “Where Does Money Come From?”

Do You Live in the Moment?

Some people live in the moment, others are too busy missing it.

Most people are physically here, but mentally, they are everywhere else. They are looking to the future, the past, their phones, and so on. The following story illustrates the downside of not being present for the present time. Continue reading “Do You Live in the Moment?”

Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?

Or are YOU the yes person?

Most people would agree that it feels great to get positive feedback for our work. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our customers and peers gave positive reviews all the time for our stuff? No, it wouldn’t. Here’s why. Continue reading “Are You Getting Feedback From Yes People?”

Are You Looking For the Signs in Your Life?

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it!

There’s an old saying that goes “Lord, give me a sign.” In life, we often do get signs that lead us in the right direction when we lose our way. The following story illustrates the importance of paying attention to those signs. Continue reading “Are You Looking For the Signs in Your Life?”

What Do Your People Really Want?

Are you helping people, or are you just assuming that you’re helping them?

I’m just curious, when you talk to your prospects, who does most of the talking? When you’re talking to your teammate who hasn’t made a sale in a while, do you provide solutions, or generic pep talks? Unfortunately, the marketing industry is full of people who focus more on themselves than the prospect and their team. Continue reading “What Do Your People Really Want?”

I Wish I Were You!

Does anyone really have it all?

Most people had a habit of wishing they were someone else. They see someone living the way they wish they did, and want to be in the other person’s place. Ironically, even those who seem to have it all often wish they were someone else. This story shows an interesting set of perspectives regarding this topic. Continue reading “I Wish I Were You!”