What is the Best Time For You to Post on Social Media?

Personalized schedules just for you!


Some entrepreneurs have social media listed as one of their most frequently-used business tools. Some people post tens of new content every day. Others keep their posting to a minimum of single digits per day. In which case, it especially helps to schedule those posts around the times of day that will be seen by the biggest possible audience. Continue reading “What is the Best Time For You to Post on Social Media?”

How to Make Your Google Plus Content Stand Out!

Standing out before an audience of millions is not as easy as it sounds.

What I like best about Google Plus is its vast array of communities. Communities are pages for people to chat and post about common interests, such as comedy, parenting, and business. Quite a few of these communities have hundreds of thousands, even millions of members. Would it hurt to get your business in front of that many people? Continue reading “How to Make Your Google Plus Content Stand Out!”

How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!

Complete with a how-to video.

If you’re like most people, your business cards may have your contact info, the name of your company, and your product(s). Some of you might have product info on one side, and the other side might be advertising your business opportunity. The traditional ways are fine, but when you’re doing what most people do, it becomes that much difficult to stand out from the crowd in your prospect’s eyes. There’s an awesome “business card hack” that I would like to share with you. Might help you get more leads, might not. Continue reading “How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!”

How to Make a Great Domain Name!

Time to stop committing one of the deadliest marketing sins.

Imagine this: you’ve just started a home business, and you need some flyers. So you get on your computer, spend all afternoon designing a flyer, and then you realize something. The website that the company gave you won’t fit on the paper unless you shrink it to where your prospects can barely read it! That’s just one of the reasons why you need a domain name. Continue reading “How to Make a Great Domain Name!”

Where Do You Find New Prospects?

Time to talk to more people!

In the network marketing industry, the phrase “talk to more people” is thrown around more than snowballs in a schoolyard. Many salespeople confuse talking to people with shoving their company down the throats of anyone within earshot. Another way to look at it is to simply meet new people and build normal relationships with them. Continue reading “Where Do You Find New Prospects?”

Why Not Use Business Cards That Look Like Money?

This tool puts a twist on leaving business cards in public places!

If you’re like most people, you make a habit of leaving your business cards in stores and other places so people can find them. Maybe you leave one in your grocery cart, or in your chair at the pizzeria. Dropcards are a great tool for this purpose, and they are much more likely to grab attention than a regular business card. Continue reading “Why Not Use Business Cards That Look Like Money?”

6 Tools That do the Work for You!

Why not delegate some of your work?

If you’re like most people, you have certain moments when you have to pause your business. Moments such as driving the kids to school and having Christmas dinner. Speaking of which, winter tends to be hell on Earth for some of us, as passing out flyers is one of the most common marketing tools. Here’s some great news: what if we didn’t have to pause our business? Continue reading “6 Tools That do the Work for You!”