Should You Clean Up Your Old Neighborhood?

Two grand perspectives on the subject.


Everybody knows that celebrities who make it out of the hood are often called sellouts. They are labeled as such because they are perceived as forgetting where they came from, and looking down on the less fortunate. The following is another perspective. Continue reading “Should You Clean Up Your Old Neighborhood?”

10 Black Inventions That We Use Every Day

You are probably eating and wearing a few right now!

If you’re like most people, the first and possibly only black inventor that came to mind when you read the title was George Washington Carver, with his 300 uses of the peanut. In actuality, there have been a vast number of African Americans throughout history who created things that most of us wouldn’t want to live without today. Some of those creations save countless lives to this day. The following are just a handful of those inventions. Continue reading “10 Black Inventions That We Use Every Day”

5 Ways That African Slaves Escaped

How far will you go to save your baby?

Everybody knows about slaves who lived their entire lives in bondage. What we don’t hear enough about are the slaves who escaped.¬†When humans get backed into a corner, we often improvise creative solutions. Even with their limited education, literacy, speaking ability, etc., slaves were no exception to the rule. The following are 5 accounts of 6 slaves who miraculously found their way to freedom. Continue reading “5 Ways That African Slaves Escaped”

How to Start Your Cold Call the Right Way!

What is your opening statement when making cold calls?

Everybody knows that cold calling is one of the most debatable methods of marketing. On one hand, some people see it as the most useless and outdated form of marketing. On the other hand, some people still earn great business from it. One of the key differences between the two sides is that those who gain from cold calling typically have a better understanding of what catches the prospect’s interest. And it starts with the opening statement. Continue reading “How to Start Your Cold Call the Right Way!”

No Technology Allowed!

How long can you go with no technology?

Most people would agree that we’re too connected to our phones, internet, etc. For this reason, some people see technology in general as something that we need to learn to live without. This story illustrates how difficult it is even for the cynics to refrain from using technology. Continue reading “No Technology Allowed!”

What is the Best Time For You to Post on Social Media?

Personalized schedules just for you!

Some entrepreneurs have social media listed as one of their most frequently-used business tools. Some people post tens of new content every day. Others keep their posting to a minimum of single digits per day. In which case, it especially helps to schedule those posts around the times of day that will be seen by the biggest possible audience. Continue reading “What is the Best Time For You to Post on Social Media?”

How to Make Your Google Plus Content Stand Out!

Standing out before an audience of millions is not as easy as it sounds.

What I like best about Google Plus is its vast array of communities. Communities are pages for people to chat and post about common interests, such as comedy, parenting, and business. Quite a few of these communities have hundreds of thousands, even millions of members. Would it hurt to get your business in front of that many people? Continue reading “How to Make Your Google Plus Content Stand Out!”