Who do You Think Like?

Are you listening to the right people?


There’s an old saying that everything we hear is opinion and perspective. It’s up to us to create the truths we live by. But too often, we blindly take the advice of people we admire, to the point where we won’t make room for outside advice. Continue reading “Who do You Think Like?”

Can They Pass the 5-Question Test?

These 5 questions will tell you if that prospect is good for your sales team!

One thing that separates great salespeople from the rest is that great salespeople focus on solving the prospect’s problem, rather than just making a sale. In other words, the greats are more interested in the prospect than themselves. The 5-question test uses this philosophy to determine who is a great prospect for your opportunity. Continue reading “Can They Pass the 5-Question Test?”

How to Help a Prospect Get Paid Before They Join You!

…and weed out the time-wasters!

Isn’t it amazing how many people join a network marketing company and want to get paid before they get results? Why not make a test out of that before they join your team? Continue reading “How to Help a Prospect Get Paid Before They Join You!”

Why Not Use Business Cards That Look Like Money?

This tool puts a twist on leaving business cards in public places!

If you’re like most people, you make a habit of leaving your business cards in stores and other places so people can find them. Maybe you leave one in your grocery cart, or in your chair at the pizzeria. Dropcards are a great tool for this purpose, and they are much more likely to grab attention than a regular business card. Continue reading “Why Not Use Business Cards That Look Like Money?”

Why Not Record Your Business Presentations?

I can think of 4 great reasons to do it!

I’m just curious, if your team had a business opportunity presentation, and everyone somehow died the next day, how would anyone know what took place at that presentation? Continue reading “Why Not Record Your Business Presentations?”

6 Tools That do the Work for You!

Why not delegate some of your work?

If you’re like most people, you have certain moments when you have to pause your business. Moments such as driving the kids to school and having Christmas dinner. Speaking of which, winter tends to be hell on Earth for some of us, as passing out flyers is one of the most common marketing tools. Here’s some great news: what if we didn’t have to pause our business? Continue reading “6 Tools That do the Work for You!”

Can We Stay in Our Comfort Zone?

What if the way out of your comfort zone, is to stay in your comfort zone?

For a long time, I had trouble saying no. Last year, this fear led to something that came back to bite me. However, it soon worked out for the better. For instance, it taught me a great lesson about comfort zones. This lesson I’m sharing with you puts an intriguing twist on the subject of comfort zones. Continue reading “Can We Stay in Our Comfort Zone?”