What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

What’s the difference between you and everyone else who can make me rich?


If you check your email right now, I’m sure your spam and trash folders are full of messages with subject lines like “I Can Make You Rich,” “How to Make $100,000 a month,” “Stoopid Simple Strategy to Get Stoopid Rich.” If you’re like most people, you wouldn’t read any of those emails, anyway. Continue reading “What Makes Your Business Stand Out?”

5 Easy Ways to Talk to Prospects!

Number 3 will surprise you!

When was the last time you heard a really stupid question? Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Talk to Prospects!”

How to Invite Loved Ones to Your Grand Opening!

With the help of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s magic phrases!

I’m just curious, are you having trouble knowing what to say to invite your friends and family to your grand opening? The following script may be able to help you. Continue reading “How to Invite Loved Ones to Your Grand Opening!”

Why Would You Argue with Your Prospect?

There’s an old saying that amateurs convince and professionals sort.

Most network marketers tend to be emotionally attached to whether their prospects accept their offer. There’s a word for those people, and it’s not “professional.” Would it be OK if I show you a better approach to rejection? Continue reading “Why Would You Argue with Your Prospect?”

How NOT to Recruit People from Other MLM Companies!

…and how to do it right!

At first glance, fellow network marketers seem like the great prospects known to the universe. But there is a right way and a wrong way to recruiting them. Which one are you? Let’s find out. Continue reading “How NOT to Recruit People from Other MLM Companies!”

What to Say When They Don’t Visit Your Website!

Maybe they’re worth another followup, maybe not!

I’m just curious, have you ever told someone to visit your website, only to follow up and find out that they never did? Saying the right things after their confession will help you figure out whether the prospect worth another attempt. This strategy has been taught by Marquel Russell. Continue reading “What to Say When They Don’t Visit Your Website!”

Which of the 2 Types of Entrepreneurs are You?

There’s an old saying that if you do what you did in the beginning of a business partnership, there won’t be an end.

There are two types of business people in the world. One type has a super-friendly, supportive personality when dealing with prospects, then drops the act when the prospect joins. The other type is the same person, regardless of what the prospect does. Continue reading “Which of the 2 Types of Entrepreneurs are You?”