How to Help a Prospect Get Paid Before They Join You!

…and weed out the time-wasters!


Isn’t it amazing how many people join a network marketing company and want to get paid before they get results? Why not make a test out of that before they join your team?

Everybody knows about fraternity and sorority initiations where new people are put to some tests before they can join. If they can’t pass the tests, they can’t join the group. The tests also (sometimes) prepare them for their life as a member. This method is just like that, minus the infamous acts of drunken stupidity.

After your presentation, if a person says that they’re interested, and they have the 3 W’s, give them an assignment to make them earn the right to sign the application. Tell them that in order to join your company, they must first set two appointments for a presentation. Be sure to let them know that if they can’t do that, then the business is not for them.

There’s an old saying that the best way to learn something is to do it. This assignment gives your prospect the opportunity to test drive their potential new business. By saying that the business isn’t for them if they can’t beat the challenge, you’re bringing out their human need to prove you wrong. The assignment also gives them a chance to bring guests to the next meeting or the next live presentation conference call. They might even get their first customer by the time they finish the application. Talk about show me the money!

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development, activism, and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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