Why Not Set More Business Appointments?

Follow One Course Until Success. Focus on appointments.


I’m just curious, do you walk into a dentist’s office unannounced, take a seat in the big chair, and patiently wait for them to fix your teeth? Do you waltz into a lawyer’s office and expect them to just take your case? Do you go to a branch of a major corporation, step into the boss’s office, and tell them that you want to be an executive? If not, why would you, as an entrepreneur, enable your opportunity prospects to do this to you?


There’s a reason you wouldn’t do the things I mentioned in the paragraph above. It’s because without an appointment, that dentist, lawyer, and boss won’t bother seeing you. A common mistake that network marketers make is giving a presentation to anyone within earshot. The prospect could be calling in regards to an invitation flyer to an event, and some of us will attempt to give away the whole event right there on the phone. In which case, why should they bother showing up for the event?

As you can imagine, this tends to be a bad idea. Especially since recruitments are rarely done in the first call. Think about how long business opportunity presentations are, even when condensed for live calls. Do you really think that the prospect inquiring about the invitation you gave them wants to hear all that? Of course not. So why not focus on setting up an appointment for your prospects to experience a real presentation?

John Melton said, “You don’t want to tell people anything until you can show them everything.” When talking to a prospect, keep as much of your business a mystery as possible. Instead, set up a time and day for them to talk to your upline, get on a live call, go to your event, etc. That way, they’ll be getting information from the higher-ups in your company, and be able to ask them questions. Isn’t that so much better than them asking a rookie, who then scares them off?

You can even make a game out of it; if you explain the business yourself, you lose. Get an appointment with them, and you win. So how do you set up appointments? There are several ways, and I’ve even written about a few in the past:

How to invite loved ones to your grand opening

How to set up 3-way interviews

Some people will call you and immediately ask that infamous question: “What is it?” Again, if you explain your opportunity, you lose. Instead, invite them to a presentation. You can say:

“Oh, I’m just a scout, so it’s not my job to tell you what it’s about. What I can do is schedule you an appointment with my supervisor, (your upline’s name). He/She can answer all of your questions.”

“It’s (a sales position/a work-at-home business/network marketing/etc.). There will be a live call for people all over the country to hear about the business. Would it be okay if I 3-way you onto this call at (time of your presentation call) so you can check it out?”

“I’d rather you see it the same way I saw it. Everything will be explained when you get here. Trust me, we’ll have a blast! Could I count on you to come by (day) at (time)?” – Colin Vickers

Remember: the more you talk, the less you earn.

Make a nice day!

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