How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!

Complete with a how-to video.


If you’re like most people, your business cards may have your contact info, the name of your company, and your product(s). Some of you might have product info on one side, and the other side might be advertising your business opportunity. The traditional ways are fine, but when you’re doing what most people do, it becomes that much difficult to stand out from the crowd in your prospect’s eyes. There’s an awesome “business card hack” that I would like to share with you. Might help you get more leads, might not.

A few years ago, I heard an awesome story called Johnny the Bagger. The story is about a grocery store bag boy with down syndrome who feels that he is not important. Then he comes up with the idea to type a “thought of the day” every night, then print multiple copies to put in shoppers’ bags. The gesture becomes so successful that customers soon line up at his register, even when other registers are free.

The story gave me the idea to put inspirational quotes on the backs of my business cards. Whenever I order new cards, I always pick a different quote to put on the card. When I hand out my cards, I do so with the quote side up. When I put cards in polybags or in card holders, I do it with the quote side visible.

Since I started using this simple tweak, the cards in my polybags and card holders have been disappearing much sooner. Even when I’m passing out cards, people have been more likely to take them.

People are more likely hold onto the cards because they like the quote, as opposed to getting just another card from a salesperson on the streets. Can you imagine getting a phone call and that person telling you that they’re glad they kept the quote card for 2 months because they now need your product? Picture the toll collector you drove by last week calling you because she showed the quote to all her coworkers, and now her boss wants your services for all the employees!

Some of you advertise your business or product on one side of your cards, and leave the other side blank. I highly implore in particular you to use this method, as you literally have nothing to lose.

Here’s a video on where and how I get my cards.

Make a nice day!

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