How to Make Your Google Plus Content Stand Out!

Standing out before an audience of millions is not as easy as it sounds.


What I like best about Google Plus is its vast array of communities. Communities are pages for people to chat and post about common interests, such as comedy, parenting, and business. Quite a few of these communities have hundreds of thousands, even millions of members. Would it hurt to get your business in front of that many people?

Of course, the best way to maximize the amount of eyes on your products and opportunity is to follow a few strategies. I recommend avoiding direct advertising, as it will be considered spam and you may get blacklisted and banned. In the past, I’ve written about a few alternatives that are much more effective and social media friendly. You can find the links to three of those articles here:

How to get 1000s of People to Market Your Business

How to Boost Your #Personalbrand

Where Do You Find New Prospects?

The following 4 marketing tips have been written with Google+ in mind, but they can also be used on certain other social media sites.

Use Vertical Pictures

Did you know that tall, thin pictures tend to be more appealing than wide images on Google Plus? It makes sense, as the site’s double-column design causes tall images to take up lots of space and push more stuff down and out of the view of… well, the viewers. So when you post your ads and watermarked pictures, make sure that they are in the form of vertical pictures.

Choose the Best Picture for Your Link

When we want to post a link on Google Plus, we usually click the “link” button. Then a set of random pictures from the linked website pops up so we can pick a thumbnail for the post. The bad news is, these pictures tend to suck and have little to do with the subject matter.

Here’s the solution: instead of clicking the link (picture of a chain) button, click the photo (picture of a camera) button. This will take you to a menu that includes an “Upload Photo” option. Clicking this allows you to upload a photo from your computer that you believe fits the subject of your link. Then post the link into the status box. Now you have a hyperlink to your website, accompanied by a (hopefully tall) picture that makes sense!

Use GIFs

GIF files are pictures that can be either still or, in most cases, animated. In this case, I’m referring to the animated pictures. As you can imagine, these pictures tend to grab more attention than static images. So why not use this to your advantage?

For instance, if you sell dental plans, post a funny “epic fail” GIF of someone getting hurt, then post a comment about them needing a dentist, followed by your website. Everybody knows how beloved those types of pictures/videos are. You can also post a GIF that illustrates the insanity of the traditional 9-to-5, and put your business website inside the picture.

Best Times to Post

If you’re like most people reading this, you’ll invest a lot of your in Google+ time in their business communities. From my experience in posting in multiple business groups at different times, most engagement occurs in the night hours. I recommend posting your content at and after 9:00PM. Again, from my own experience, other types of communities don’t have time restrictions.

A few of my favorite Google Plus communities are Entrepreneurs / Self Employed Community (122,019 Members), Top Positive Quotes (1,278,448 Members), and Joke of the Day (2,106,310 Members). Have fun!

Make a nice day!

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