Can They Pass the 5-Question Test?

These 5 questions will tell you if that prospect is good for your sales team!


One thing that separates great salespeople from the rest is that great salespeople focus on solving the prospect’s problem, rather than just making a sale. In other words, the greats are more interested in the prospect than themselves. The 5-question test uses this philosophy to determine who is a great prospect for your opportunity.

In Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s book, “51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors,” he talks about a strategy used by the friend of a couple of his guests. The friend — his name is Herbie — simply asks a person five questions about themselves. If they don’t ask him anything, then they are not a good prospect, and he sometimes walks away from them in the middle of a sentence.

The logic behind this is that if the prospect doesn’t ask Herbie the same question — or any question — then that prospect is only interested in themselves. If Herbie did manage to recruit that person, this habit would likely carry over to their work style. Most likely, they’ll be blabbing to their own prospects all about their product, company, and themselves, rather than talking about and listening to the prospect’s problem.

If that is something you’d like to avoid, perhaps the 5-question test strategy is for you. If you’re unsure of what questions to ask, remember the F.O.R.M. technique: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message. If all goes well, you can end your conversation with the M!

Make a nice day!

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