How to Make an Advanced Dream Board!

Advice for beginners and those who already have vision boards.


A dream board — also known as a vision board — is a popular goal-setting tool popularized by The Secret. How it works is, you find pictures of things that represent your goals, such as your dream car or a happy family, and put them on a board that you keep somewhere you can see it constantly. Because you’re consistently looking at pictures of your goals, you’ll soon believe that you’ll have them, which will get to the point where you attract them into your life. Continue reading “How to Make an Advanced Dream Board!”

Who do You Think Like?

Are you listening to the right people?

There’s an old saying that everything we hear is opinion and perspective. It’s up to us to create the truths we live by. But too often, we blindly take the advice of people we admire, to the point where we won’t make room for outside advice. Continue reading “Who do You Think Like?”

Why Would You Hate Rich People?

A semi rant that debunks some beliefs about rich people.

Most people want to be rich. If you are a normal man or woman, you cannot help doing so. One reason why people don’t get rich is an ironic one: they hate rich people. By law of attraction, hate towards the rich repels any chances of them becoming rich, and attracts things that block their progress in trying to become rich. This is especially bad for entrepreneurs. Continue reading “Why Would You Hate Rich People?”