What are My Thoughts on Hitting Kids?

…and why I think this way.


Everybody knows that physical punishment of children is the subject of heated debate. Here’s my side of that debate. Might teach you a lot about the topic, might not. Continue reading “What are My Thoughts on Hitting Kids?”

Open Letter for Men & Boys

Something that needs to be said to everyone of both genders, but most people don’t hear.

I’m just curious, what is your favorite male empowerment song? I’m not talking about a neutral song that happens to say words like “man” and “boy” a few times, like “We Will Rock You.” I mean, like women have Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent,” Beyonce’s “Run the World,” “Keep Ya Head Up,” by 2Pac, and so on. What is your favorite empowerment song specifically for the guys? Continue reading “Open Letter for Men & Boys”

Will You Take the phenoMENalAct Challenge?!

Everybody loves a challenge! This month, I challenge YOU!

Everybody knows that women deal with things such as high beauty standards and domestic abuse. And in addition to the obvious reasons, a huge problem in our society is that we only know about the female victims. We know so much about them that we actually refer to these issues as “female issues.” What we don’t know is this:
Continue reading “Will You Take the phenoMENalAct Challenge?!”

Do Words Really Hurt?

Thoughts from a person who used to be sensitive to certain words.

Do words hurt? Do words have power over us? This is a debatable topic, even among those in the personal development field. I have a great story about an old fear of mine, as well as a short analysis on American society that illustrates my thoughts on this topic. Continue reading “Do Words Really Hurt?”