Can We Stay in Our Comfort Zone?

What if the way out of your comfort zone, is to stay in your comfort zone?


For a long time, I had trouble saying no. Last year, this fear led to something that came back to bite me. However, it soon worked out for the better. For instance, it taught me a great lesson about comfort zones. This lesson I’m sharing with you puts an intriguing twist on the subject of comfort zones. Continue reading “Can We Stay in Our Comfort Zone?”

How I Beat the Fear of Public Speaking!

Would it be okay if I teach you how to overcome the #1 fear in the world?

I’m just curious, are you introverted? As entrepreneurs, there are going to be many times where we have to speak in front of people. Whether it’s to close a deal, or to share wisdom with your massive team. Fortunately, public speaking is a learned skill. Here is how I learned to overcome my fear. Continue reading “How I Beat the Fear of Public Speaking!”

Have You Ever Taken a Leap of Faith?

Here’s a true story about taking a leap of faith, and having the Universe catch you.

In late 2011, during the week of a Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend, I was down to my last few dollars. In fact, I considered staying home for that weekend. But I had planned to go to this seminar several months prior, and some things were already paid for, so I took the leap of faith. The cab ride to the hotel was more costly than I expected.

Continue reading “Have You Ever Taken a Leap of Faith?”