How to Find Your Purpose

Is there a plot twist in your story?


There’s an old saying that when you make a plan, God laughs. In 2011, I set a goal to be the presenter at my company’s weekly meetings. I set a deadline for the goal to be a certain date in 2013. For weeks, I practiced at home and watched/read about public speaking. Eventually, I found the nerve to ask to do an entire presentation in front of the team.
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How the Universe Orders Our Steps! 

What does it mean to relax and let God/The Universe take care of it?

In the Law of Attraction circles, we’re often told to let go, stop resisting, relax and let the Universe do all the work. Many people don’t understand that message, interpreting it into a plan to do nothing at all and expect their goals to just rain down into their lap. The following is a big testimony I have on this subject. Continue reading “How the Universe Orders Our Steps! “

4 Steps to Making Attractive Ads!

Need some help with your ads?

The following is a 4-step formula for writing ads on flyers and sites like Craigslist. It works best when you have a specific target audience in mind. I’ve earned lots of leads with these steps. You can do the same. Continue reading “4 Steps to Making Attractive Ads!”

How to Kill it on Craigslist!

Did you know that Craigslist is used by over 60 million Americans per month?

Did you know that Craigslist gets over 50 billion views per month? CL is the most popular and reliable classified ad website. Naturally, most marketers use it for their business. Sure, network marketing is forbidden there, but there are many ways to get around those rules. Let’s go over them. Continue reading “How to Kill it on Craigslist!”

How to Speed Up a Recovery

How I helped my mother overcome a serious illness

There’s an old saying that goal-setting works best with a deadline attached.

In 2011, my mother got sick and was placed in rehab. So sick that she could barely speak in full sentences or walk. 3 of her friends were there with me during my first visit. All of them, plus her best friend who wasn’t there, were openly cynical of Mom’s recovery. I was never too worried or very optimistic; I figured that whatever would happen, would happen. Continue reading “How to Speed Up a Recovery”

Is Your Car a Mobile Mouthpiece?

Let the tools do the work for you!

There’s an old saying that a business without a sign is a sign of no business. The average American spends 17,600 minutes per year driving. If you put a business sign on your car for a whole year, that’s 293 hours worth of advertising! And all you have to do is drive to the same job, stores, houses, etc. that you always go to. That’s not including the parking times. Continue reading “Is Your Car a Mobile Mouthpiece?”

What DO You Like About Your Enemies?

There must be SOMETHING good behind all that evil

I’m just curious, is there someone in your life that you don’t get along with? Someone at work or in your apartment building who really knows how to push your buttons? Would it be okay if you could lessen the anger you feel around them?

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