How to get 1000s of People to Market Your Business!

…for free!


Everybody knows that Facebook alone has enough users to where if it were a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world! Let that sink in for a moment. Okay, now that you have a Facebook account, would it be okay if I show you how to market your business there without spamming? Continue reading “How to get 1000s of People to Market Your Business!”

Are You Ready to Stop Giving Your Number to Strangers?!

Would it be okay if you use a free business phone number instead?

So you’re almost finished designing your first batch of business cards, and all you have to do is put your contact info on them. You then realize that a phone number would be pretty useful for people who get these cards. Then you have to make a life-changing decision: “Do I really want millions of prospects, clients, salespeople, and extra terrestrials calling my personal phone number?” Continue reading “Are You Ready to Stop Giving Your Number to Strangers?!”

How to Play the Money Game!

A fun way to attract money!

In law of attraction circles, there is an activity called the prosperity game. The game doubles as a daily challenge, and helps people eliminate their limiting beliefs about money. Something else that makes the game popular is that it has been proven to help you attract money. Continue reading “How to Play the Money Game!”

Why Should You Have Multiple Ways to Work?

There’s an old saying that you should have at least 5 ways to market your business if you’re a beginner. And 15 if you’re not.

When we think of first impressions, we think of the way we dress, the way we talk, our attitudes, etc. In meeting prospects, there’s another way of making an impression: the way we market our business. Continue reading “Why Should You Have Multiple Ways to Work?”

How to Tap Into Awesomeness!

How to use EFT, plus a big testimony

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. To put it simply, EFT involves saying affirmations while tapping on certain points of your head and upper body. From my experience, this is a powerful habit that can cause you to attract extraordinary things into your day. Yes, this article features a big testimony. Continue reading “How to Tap Into Awesomeness!”

How to Use Subliminal Messages for Good!

What if you could subliminally make yourself successful?

Much has been said about the power of the subconscious mind. Basically, your subconscious beliefs are what shape your life. Whatever you believe to be true will show up in your reality. Continue reading “How to Use Subliminal Messages for Good!”

How do Rewards Affect Your Goals?

An inspirational story of disappointment, Law of Attraction, and little white castles.

Obviously, the promise of a reward causes most people to want the goal even more. That’s why the personal development and business worlds love to talk about our “Whys.” From my experience, rewards are a bit more powerful than that. Your focus on the reward can manifest ways to achieve your goal that you wouldn’t expect. I have a great true story about this subject. Continue reading “How do Rewards Affect Your Goals?”