How to Market Online Without Looking Stupid!

Step one: stop spamming.

There’s an old saying that nobody likes to be sold. Most people do business with people they like, know, and trust. This is especially true in social media marketing, where we are interacting with strangers all over the world from behind a computer screen.
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Why Not Mentally Rehearse It?

This is one of the most common ways to use Law of Attraction.

I’m just curious, do you make it a habit to mentally rehearse things that you’re going to do? Mental rehearsal is simply a common form of visualization, which can help you manifest things and people through Law of Attraction. I have a great story that proves the power of mental rehearsal. Might give you some ideas, might not. Continue reading “Why Not Mentally Rehearse It?”

Why Go to Out-of-State Events?

Does your company have presentations in other cities? If so, then maybe it’s time to go on a trip!

This article has been released with amazing timing. About two hours prior, I arrived back in New Jersey after a fun weekend in North Carolina. I had attended a business opportunity presentation that was hosted by some colleagues. For several reasons, it was well worth the 12-hour ride. Reasons that I believe that it’s important for entrepreneurs to attend presentations outside their state. Continue reading “Why Go to Out-of-State Events?”

Have You Ever Taken a Leap of Faith?

Here’s a true story about taking a leap of faith, and having the Universe catch you.

In late 2011, during the week of a Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend, I was down to my last few dollars. In fact, I considered staying home for that weekend. But I had planned to go to this seminar several months prior, and some things were already paid for, so I took the leap of faith. The cab ride to the hotel was more costly than I expected.

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How to Make Polybags

Would it be okay if I show you how to get leads to call you?

Polybags are my favorite way to market my business. They were the first tool to cause prospects to call me, rather than vice versa. Even on days when I’m not putting them out there, I get phone calls. I know they’ll do the same for you if you choose to put the right effort in. Continue reading “How to Make Polybags”

How Can Chores Help With Your Goals?

Yes, it involves the Law of Attraction.

Years ago, I discovered Randy Gage’s 7 Laws of Prosperity series on YouTube. One of those laws is called the Vacuum Law. It basically states that when we let go of old things, the universe always sends us new things in its place. By making room, we allow ourselves to attract better things/people to replace what we eliminated. Continue reading “How Can Chores Help With Your Goals?”

Are You Unmotivated, or Just Lazy?

There’s an old saying that not being where you want to be should be all the motivation you need.

If the personal development trap is bad, the motivational trap is its evil twin on steroids. Over-reliance on outside motivation is all too common in the sales industry. Everybody wants to be pat on the back and told how great they are. Then what do they do? Go right back to doing the same old things that never got results. “Maybe it’ll work this time because somebody said that I’m awesome!” Great! How’s that working out for you? Continue reading “Are You Unmotivated, or Just Lazy?”