No Technology Allowed!

How long can you go with no technology?


Most people would agree that we’re too connected to our phones, internet, etc. For this reason, some people see technology in general as something that we need to learn to live without. This story illustrates how difficult it is even for the cynics to refrain from using technology.Edward arrived at the gate, where a counselor was standing at a wooden podium. He gave the counselor his full name and adjusted his backpack while the counselor searched a list of written names.

“You’re on the list, sir,” the counselor said. “Welcome to Camp Grayson. My name is Tony.”

“Thank you. You can’t imagine how glad I am to get away from all the teenagers with their iPods, and every other person in the world talking on a cell phone all the time.”

The counselor chuckled.

“You won’t find any of that here, Edward.”


Edward shook the counselor’s hand.

“Nice watch,” Tony remarked, looking at the digital watch on Edward’s wrist.

“Thanks.” He took a step toward the gate when he saw Tony hold his hand out.

“You’ll have to leave your watch here. They aren’t allowed beyond the gate.” Edward thought about it, then undid the strap and handed over the watch. “Okay. Have a good time.” As Edward headed for the gateway, Tony noticed the cell phone on Edward’s waistband. “Edward, you can’t bring your cell phone with you. Just out of curiosity, you wouldn’t happen to have any other prohibited items with you, would you?”

“I’ll check,” said Edward. The man took off his backpack and knelt down. He pulled out a flashlight, a mini fan, and a portable DVD player.

“Edward, the whole point of this camp is for people to break away from the every day routine of using technology and rough it with like-minded people. You can’t bring any technology with you at all.”

“But I need this phone for my job and to talk to my family. I can’t spend a whole week away from home without it. And the weather forecast says it’ll be hot all week. You don’t have air conditioning, so the fan would come in handy. And if I have nothing better to do, I’d like to watch a movie.”

“Sorry, but I can’t let you in with all that stuff.”

Edward packed his stuff, put his backpack on, and headed to the parking lot, toward his car.

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

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