What Can Straight Outta Compton Teach You About Perspective?

Plenty, even if you’re not a musician.


Not Everyone Will Come With You


The friendship between members played a big role in their joining forces and staying together in spite of financial issues, disagreements, and controversy. At first, anyway.

Ice Cube quickly saw right through manager Jerry Heller’s scam. Since the rest of the group wasn’t willing to step out of that situation, he took a gamble and went solo. As history tells us, Ice Cube went on to craft a successful career that expanded beyond the music industry. At the beginning of that solo career, however, the rest of the group made a song that insulted him for no reason.

Have you ever noticed that some people tend to get offended and ridicule their friends for wanting to better themselves? If a person wants to quit smoking, their smoker friends often try to pressure them back into the habit. A person who avoids fast food to lose weight often deals with fat friends calling him/herĀ a snob who thinks he/she is too good for them. Some people’s friends might compliment their singing at first, but don’t let that person decide to become a professional. Then it’s “Oh, she thinks she’s Beyonce!” and “Man, you better stick to flipping burgers!”

You may have friends and family whom you’d like to bring on your journey. Like Ice Cube (and Dr. Dre), you may even be walking side by side with them on that path right now. However, about 95% of the world’s population will remain stagnant, broke, average, unsuccessful, you name it. That means that at some point, you may end up facing the choice of staying at a certain level with your loved ones, or stepping out of their comfort zone to carry on with your path.

The beliefs, habits, attitude, etc. of a successful person are far different from those of an unsuccessful person. Naturally, going for your dreams means that you’ll mentally outgrow many of your loved ones. You may even have to love some of them from a distance.

The great news is, successful people love to be around successful people. As you rise to new levels, you’ll find that people who share common goals will suddenly want to hang around you. They’ll build with and support you. Rather than being alone, you’ll be gettingĀ upgrades!

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

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