How to Bring Your Team Together!

The stronger the bond, the stronger the team.


Fun Days


There’s an old saying that the family that plays together, stays together. So why not schedule a Fun Day for your colleagues to play together?

My team has had some amazing annual Fun Days that were so popular that at least a dozen people from different states would show up, whether they worked in our company or not. And that’s in addition to the local teammates. One pro of having a Fun Day is that it’s an awesome way to introduce friends and family to your business and meet your colleagues. Just tell them that you’re going to a barbecue or a party!

The first few took place at our biggest regional office. We’d play charade games, Wii games, dance, sing karaoke, and of course, eat great home-cooked food. I remember on one of several Christmas parties we’ve shared, there was this big table covered in wrapped presents. One by one, we were called up to the table to pick out a present. Of course, we had no idea what was in any of the boxes. We were allowed to make exchanges, as some of the guys had no use for perfume.

One Fun Day was a barbecue that took place at a park. Many people brought their kids. People were dancing, chatting, playing basketball, horseshoes, volleyball, and bike-riding. There was also a team vs. team series of games in the form of volleyball, water balloon catch, and a kids backwards racing tournament. The guests definitely had fun.

Something else we did was make t-shirts promoting Fun Day, which also mentioned a little bit about the company. Namely, what our product can do for people or the fact that people can earn extra money through our company, complete with the phrase¬†“ask me how.” 99% of people were wearing these shirts during Fun Day.

Imagine an outsider seeing your team wearing the same shirts telling people that they can earn extra income!

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