How to Bring Your Team Together!

The stronger the bond, the stronger the team.


Facebook Groups


There are only so many occasions where a significant amount of people in a business team can physically meet. Especially when that team includes people from different states. On the other hand, a team group page on Facebook goes a long way. You can post event schedules, videos of opportunity meetings to study, exchange ideas for flyers and other advertisements, directly contact the team leaders, ask for the phone numbers of your colleagues, and more. You can also congratulate each other, introduce new people for the whole team to greet, headline and celebrate each other’s birthdays, etc. All for the whole team — or at least the teammates with a Facebook account — to see, regardless of where in the world they live. You can even make the group private to keep out non-members.

Another perk of social media is that your team can create its very own hashtag. That hashtag can be used on your personal pages. That way, people visiting your page can click the hashtag and get a peek at what your team is all about. Even if your team group page is private, your friends can still see what your teammates post with the hashtag.

How powerful would it be if you posted a quote on your Facebook page with your team’s hashtag in the description, and a student of personal development clicked the hashtag and found a bunch of people you know talking about personal development while using that hashtag? Would that hurt your business in any way, or would it make your business more attractive to the right people?

Click here for an article on how to make hashtags.

Author: realdealjh

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