How to Handle Prospects Who Speak Another Language!

You don’t need to learn another language.


As of this writing, I’ve lived in predominantly Spanish neighborhoods for the past 15 years. Naturally, I get quite a few calls from Spanish prospects who start by asking me a certain question: “Do you speak Spanish?” In the beginning, I would lose those prospects because no, I don’t. Then I figured out the trick to inviting people to meetings and closing sales, in spite of the language barrier.

There’s an old saying in network marketing that goes, “you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Not only do you have uplines who will do the talking for you in a 3-way call, you also have thousands more teammates of various levels of success throughout your company. What are the chances of at least a few of those tens to hundreds of thousands of people being multilingual?

Talk to the people in your company, not just on your immediate team, but anyone you have contact with, and find out who speaks multiple languages. If you know any multilingual business partners who happen to be super successful, that’s even better. If you have trouble finding a speaker of a specific language, ask your business partners if they know anyone in the company who speaks it and knows enough the basics of how to talk to prospects. From there, simply ask for your teammates’ permission to call them from time to time so they can talk to your prospects who speak their language.

Now when you get a prospect who speaks a different language, you can simply say, “Hang on, I’ll connect you to someone who speaks (language).” Then make a 3-way call to your teammate and let the two of them converse. Unless your teammate addresses you, there’s no need for you to talk anymore. If your teammates are unavailable, text your prospect’s name, phone number, and reason for calling, to your business partner, and ask them to call the prospect when they get a chance. If your teammate is okay with it, you can give the prospect their information instead.

Shout out and thank you to Lorene Brown-Watkins and Elizabeth Disnuke for all the times you were there to talk to my Spanish prospects!

Make a nice day!

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