What Can Bamboo Trees Teach You About Success?

Stick and stay ’til you get your pay.


Many people in network marketing take a while to earn a profit that they are not embarrassed about. I have a great story about the rewards of persistence. Might help you achieve all your financial goals, might not.

Everybody knows that bamboo is some of the strongest material in the world. Because of its tendency to bend instead of breaking, it has a high tensile strength, even stronger than concrete and steel. One downside is that a Chinese bamboo tree takes 5 years to grow, and you will see little growth progress beforehand.

5 years with no growth! Can you imagine that? Seriously, picture someone going out every day to water and fertilize the seed they planted. On the surface, nothing seems to be happening. Which is fine at first because, as everybody knows, it takes a while for plants to grow.

Then a few months go by. Not a single sprout has sprung. Yet the person — let’s call her Sarah — continues to take care of the seed every day. Now some the family is looking at Sarah like she’s crazy.

A year goes by. Still not a sprig in sight. But Sarah keeps at it. A few family members are questioning her more times than she cares to count.

“You’re still trying to grow that thing?”

“Where’s the tree?”

“Don’t you think you should plant another seed somewhere else?”

Another year goes by. All we see is a woman pointlessly watering the dirt like Ms. Parker in Friday. Now Sarah’s whole family is practically shouting their criticism.

“You’re still going out there?”

“That stuff doesn’t work!”

“Whoever sold you that seed was scamming you.”

Now we’re in year 3. Sarah’s coworker, Lena, decides to grow a tree of her own. Meanwhile, Sarah’s family are selling tickets for people to come see the crazy lady playing in the dirt every day. She’s the talk of the town now, with parents pulling their kids away from her path every time she leaves home.

Year 4, and no visible progress in Sarah’s tree. Meanwhile, Lena’s royal empress tree has already reached 13 feet tall. Everybody starts comparing her results to Sarah’s lack thereof.

Year 5, and now we finally see a sprout. That’s it. Big deal; Lena’s tree grew a foot tall in 3 weeks. The next day, the plant gets bigger. Next thing you know, 5 weeks have gone by, and there’s not a desolate land of dirt, not a sprout, but a colossal 90-foot tall bamboo tree!

Now the naysayers are patting Sarah on the back and telling her that they always knew she could do it. Family is bragging about how great it is to be related to her, and embracing the fame by association. People on the streets are asking her for gardening advice. Lena is old news, and Sarah is the positive talk of the universe.

The tree grew because Sarah consistently took action, in spite of the naysayers and lack of visible progress. As I explained in a previous article, that’s not to say that we should always be doing the exact same marketing strategies over and over and expect a different result when we’re getting none. By all means, expand your sales techniques and marketing tools. Learn and improve some skills. That, combined with persistence, will get you to the results you want.

When Colonel Sanders was 66, he lost his restaurant and was living off a $105 check, and sleeping in his car. He sold the company at age 73. Before becoming president, Abraham Lincoln lost five separate elections, from Congress to Vice President. Between 1843-1855, R.H. Macy watched four of his stores fail. There are few successful people who had it as easy as most people think. It takes years to become an overnight success.

There’s an old saying that goes: stick and stay ’til you get your pay. It may seem like nothing is happening now. It may seem like the thousands of flyers and cards you handed out, the people you spoke to, the signs you put up, etc. were a waste of time. It may seem like the naysayers are right about you, and success in business is only for certain people.

But who is to say that your efforts won’t bring huge results at a similar rate of a bamboo tree’s fifth year? What if a business owner finds your card in a drawer and calls you to buy your service for all of their employees? What if someone who said years ago that they need to think about it suddenly calls you and makes a few dozen orders of your product for their family? What if someone whom you lost to another company years ago resurfaces to join you and brings with them a downline of 100+ people from that company? For all you know, that could happen any second now.

Or you can just quit and live the rest of your life taking calls from countless prospects, only for you to direct them to your upline so they can get all of the above. After all, your company is going to keep on running, with or without the quitters, and somebody has to help people get what you’re selling. I’ve seen my upline get calls from the efforts of the quitters of my company. I’ve also enrolled people who called me because of something I gave them up to 3 years prior.

My final question to you is, will you be one of those people who allows someone else to get paid for all your hard work while you get nothing to show for it, or are you going to stick around to reap the massive benefits of your hard work?

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development, activism, and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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