3-Step Formula for Answering Objections!

A simple answer for 99% of objections.

Most people are attracted to people whom they can relate to. One way to answer an objection is to establish rapport with your prospect. There is a 3-step method to doing just that. It is called Feel, Felt, Found.

Feel, Felt, Found is an effective technique for overcoming objections. It combines support of the prospect’s argument, and testimonies of your company benefits. It can be used for just about any objection.

Step 1: Feel

Nobody likes to be labelled as wrong. Rather than argue with prospects who give you objections, get into the habit of allowing them to be right. This means emphasizing with, and sometimes agreeing with them. Telling your prospect that you know/understand how they feel will not only show that you care, it also validates their correctness in their eyes.

Another way of using this step is to use other people instead of just you personally. By saying that some/most/many people feel the way your prospect does, you’re showing them that a whole group of people can relate to them. Most people love to be a part of a crowd.

Step 2: Felt

Now you’re confirming that you or someone you know had felt the same way at some point. Your prospect now knows that they are not alone in feeling the way they do. The keyword “felt” also implies that you know how to solve their issue with buying/enrolling, because those people have apparently had their issues resolved.

Step 3: Found

This step either tells your prospect what changed those people’s minds, or what happened when they took the offer. You then tell your prospect what you/they found in the process.

To summarize, you understand how your prospect feels in regards to not having enough time, not having the money, etc. You know this because you or someone you know have felt the same way. But when you/they found out about the benefits of doing what you want your prospect to do, you/they found out that it was a great decision. For example:

“I can see why you’d feel that way, Paula. Before I joined this business, I also felt that getting paid in commissions wasn’t worth it. But when I made my first sale and got paid the very next week, and realized that my monthly checks grow with every sale, I knew that this was the perfect part-time work for me.”

“I understand how you feel, Tina. When I someone gave me a business card, I felt skeptical because I had never heard of this company. Then I used the membership at Crossroads Pharmacy, and only paid $66.84 for some $201 medicine. Suddenly, I found that I no longer cared about the 30-day money back guarantee.”

“Todd, a lot people feel unsure when they’re first offered a position in a company. I work with quite a few people who have felt the same way. But when they found out that we pay them to lose weight, many of them realized that they’d be killing two birds with one stone.”

One more piece of advice I’ll give you is to make sure that you use this formula with sincerity. I can tell you from experience how stupid it sounds when someone tries to pretend that they know how someone feels and that they felt the same way. Seeing that Feel, Felt, Found is based on rapport, dishonesty only sets off alarms that repel your prospect.

Make a nice day!


Author: realdealjh

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