What Can You Get From Giving?

The secret to getting what you give.


Let’s face it: most of us want something in return for doing things. What if I told you that you were guaranteed to get something in return every time you gave something away? Would you give more often?There’s an old saying that the tighter you hold onto sand, the faster it slips away. The quote is mainly in reference to being too possessive in relationships, but it is also a great summary of how Law of Attraction works. People who are stingy or have a habit of hoarding things are sending a message of fear into the universe. Whether they realize it or not, they have a fear of losing their money, food, etc. Thus, by Law of Attraction, they often attract situations in which they lose those possessions anyway, such as things suddenly needing to be repaired, or bad investments.

Years ago, I discovered Randy Gage’s video series on the Laws of Prosperity. In several videos, he talks about the power of giving and often said “you can’t out-give the universe.” In “The Circulation Law of Prosperity,” he gave a testimony in which he tithed one dollar when he was down to his last $10. A few days later, he received a refunded deposit check from his electric company for paying his bills on time. The twist was that he was always late on paying the bill.

Naturally, I thought this was a great idea, and made it a habit to give more often. One thing I did was to take Randy’s advice on tithing. At first, I was unsure of how to do it because I’m not religious, nor do I go to church. There is a certain pastor whose sermons I listen to online. Out of curiosity, I searched his website to find out if he takes donations via the site. Come to find out, he did. Just like that, my non-tithing excuse was gone.

As an avid walker, I would see quite a few homeless people when walking through the city. This gave me the idea to start bringing food to give them, as well as let them have my leftovers.

As a result of these new habits, I did get things in return. Not always money and not always the exact thing that I gave, but my testimonies are significant enough to be more than just coincidence.

For instance, I saw two people in different areas, holding “homeless” signs one day. I gave one guy some loose change. I gave the next guy a few dollars from my wallet. A few hours later, I received a text from a woman who used to be part of my network marketing team. She said she was having this big sale at her store the following week, and said I could pass out flyers for my business. I hadn’t seen or spoken to this woman in 11 months at that time! I left some brochures in her store, and ended up with a couple of new customers.

Here’s another testimony: I was on my way to a meeting, with time to spare. As I drifted off course for the bank, I saw a woman who appeared to be homeless, just sitting on the ground with her head down. I went to a store, bought some cake, and sat it beside her.

Later on, after the meeting, I stayed to answer some of my colleague’s questions, despite the risk of missing my bus. I didn’t tell anyone that. As I headed out, another colleague offered to drive me home. He didn’t live in my city, nor did I ask him or anyone else for a ride.

Everybody knows that in life, we get what we give. If you want more out of life, you can start by giving more. If nothing else, giving shows the universe that you are prosperous enough to have more in your life. You understand that there is no lack in the world; lack is just a mindset. $541 million is printed every single day in the U.S. alone. If you think every neighborhood in the world is full of abandoned buildings, shootings, drugs, etc., check out a middle class or wealthy neighborhood in person or online sometime. People have overcome diseases, homelessness, poverty, etc. If you believe there are no black, female, or gay superheroes in the world, start reading X-Men comic books.

I’m not suggesting that you just spend money irresponsibly. All I’m saying is to make sure to avoid hoarding things out of fear, because that only attracts the thing you’re afraid of: loss. Become a giver, and the universe will reward you for it. It doesn’t have to be money, you can give food, clothes, time, even compliments.

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development, activism, and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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