What Can the Movie Alive Teach You About Success?

Alive: Based on a true story of survival.

Alive is the true story of a team of rugby players and their loved ones whose plane crashed in the Andes mountains. The journey started with 45 people, including the plane crew. The 32 survivors were stranded in the cold with little food or shelter. 72 days later, 16 people were rescued.

This event was made into a bestselling book, which was made into movie. Everybody knows that I don’t just review movies; I like to write the lessons that were taught. If you’re planning to watch or read Alive for yourself, you may want to skip this article, as it contains spoilers.

Be (Responsibly) Prepared for the Dream to Come to Pass

At one point, a plane flew overhead, and the survivors frantically signaled for it. The plane dipped its wings, leading them to believe that they had been spotted. They expected to be rescued later that day. Most of them were so excited that they ate the rest of the food and drank the wine.

The good news is, the plane did spot them. The bad news is, the rescue was called off 10 days later. The worse news is, all the food was now gone.

After days, months, or years of struggling, it’s only natural to get excited when things finally go your way. It’s important to know that your hard work and struggles will eventually pay off, and you must always be mentally prepared for it.

However, there is such a thing as jumping the gun. How many lottery winners keep anything close to their earnings for more than a couple of years? This is because they were so excited that they immediately spent their money irresponsibly, and often ended up in debt. If they would have been more patient and educated themselves on finances, they wouldn’t have ended up even worse off than before. Just like the Andes survivors could have been more patient and actually waited for the rescue before consuming all their rations.

Don’t Wait for Your Ship to Come In; Swim out to It!

Three of the survivors went off to search for a way to escape the mountains. One decided to go back to the fuselage, leaving the other two. It took 12 days for them to escape the mountains on foot. Then they got in touch with a rescue team, who brought a helicopter to save everyone else.

How often do we just sit around waiting for things to change on their own? Waiting for the boss to give us a raise. Waiting for the next president to turn the country around. Oh, here’s a popular one: waiting for the Law of Attraction to give us what we want while we do nothing to earn it.

Instead, why not make a change in ourselves? Everybody knows that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Give the boss a reason to give you a raise, and ask for it. Outwork everyone else to make yourself stand out among the crowd. Fix what’s going on in your home before you worry about the world. Be a good person, yourself, before judging other people.

Humans Can Do Unbelievable Things When Things Look Bleak

In the beginning of their ordeal, the original survivors used the fuselage of the plane — the wings and tail had landed elsewhere — as shelter. They also tore the fabrics from the seats to use as blankets. At night, they piled luggage in front of the hole in the plane. When they ran out of food, the survivors resorted to eating flesh of their dead friends. Two people got tired of waiting, and walked through blistering cold winds, high mountains, and little oxygen to find salvation.

Did I mention that this was based on a true story?

The people who piled the luggage were exhausted, hungry, freezing, and freaked out from not only the crash, but being surrounded by so many of their dead friends. Yet they put all that aside every night for the bigger picture. They argued over whether to eat people, which was the closest thing they had to food.

You, too, are capable of thinking outside the box. When things get desperate and look impossible, you can either find the possible in the most unusual way, or fail. Do you really have no way to earn some extra money? Are you sure you’ve been to every single publisher, agent, audition, bank, etc. in the world? Did you really use up every option, including those you don’t want to do?

Make a nice day!


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