Will You Take the phenoMENal Act Challenge?!

Everybody loves a challenge! This month, I challenge YOU!


Everybody knows that women deal with things such as high beauty standards and domestic abuse. And in addition to the obvious reasons, a huge problem in our society is that we only know about the female victims. We know so much about them that we actually refer to these issues as “female issues.” What we don’t know is this:

– 30% of teenaged boys use unhealthy weight control methods, such as fasting, smoking, vomiting, and taking laxatives.

10 million males have eating disorders.

– In 2015, 62,916 males were victims of rape.

5,452,000 men were victims of domestic violence in 2011.

– Males are often turned away from and mocked by doctors, crisis centers, and police when they attempt to get support for things like eating disorders and domestic abuse.

– Efforts to create shelters for the abused, raise awareness through movies, and honor a day that raises awareness of men’s mental health have been met with condemnation, lack of support, and even death threats.

The phenoMENal Act is a 30-day campaign to raise awareness of male issues, as well as share content to empower boys and men. How it works is, participants must post at least one positive thing (quote, video, picture, etc.) per day on their Facebook that empowers men and/or boys. We’ll also be posting things such as statistics and news articles that raise awareness of the male side of so-called female issues. The phenoMENal Act will take place every day from June 1 to 30. If you please, you may continue this commitment before and well past June.

Use the hashtag #phenoMENalAct whenever you post your content. Invite as many people as you know and let us know if you’re committed to this phenoMENal cause! For more information on overlooked male issues, click here.

– When abused women have countless shelters, but there’s a struggle to open just one abused men’s shelter in an entire country because “men don’t get abused,” we need to do better.

– When male issues — such as gay men being bullied and killed — can somehow be twisted into bullshit narratives on how the true problem is misogyny and male victims don’t count, we need to do better.

– When boys are killing themselves because all of our focus is on helping the girls, we need to do better.

– When some men are so brainwashed that they put themselves and their entire gender down just to put women on a pedestal, we need to do better.

– When some women have enough sense to step off that pedestal to argue that it’s not all about them, and even men have a problem with that, we need to do better.

– When some women are so intimidated by not being the center of attention, that they get offended by the rare times when men get support and compliments, we need to do better.

– When raising awareness of overlooked male issues is confused with downplaying female issues, we need to do better.


Make a nice day!

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