5 Key Lessons from Inner Success Radio Formal Bash!

A few takeaways from a personal development event I attended.


Since March 24, 2016, two of my colleagues, Demetrius Brown and Charles “Chuck” Rivers, have hosted a podcast called Inner Success Radio. Approximately 6 months later, the two of them hosted their very first live audience event. The occasion was that their show had recently become part of iHeartRadio.

I had the honor of attending this sold-out event, so why not blog about it? Rather than flat-out try to sell you on the podcast, I’ll give you 5 things I learned at the inaugural Inner Success Radio Formal Bash.

1. Should You be a Product of Your Product?

Those of you in sales may be familiar with the expression “be a product of the product.” If you’re like most people, you believe — or have been taught — that your prospects will ask questions that you can only answer from experience of how your product works. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother to get involved in certain businesses for that reason, correct?

Demetrius pointed out that he doesn’t eat at McDonald’s, so most people would find it weird if he were to buy one. However, there is great money involved, as the restaurant is a popular franchise. Why shouldn’t he/we sell something that has value if the opportunity presented itself?

An audience member — who earns a 6-figure income — added a testimony. He sold something that he never used, yet he earned a lot of money and was promoted several times for doing so. He said that his secret was that he was marketing to people who needed the product and were passionate about it. Just that simple.

2. Why?

Demetrius and Charles taught us that the first thing people consider to be their Why is rarely the answer. For 9/10 people, the true Why is buried 3 or 4 layers deep. So they need to answer a few questions to get to the root. Those questions are — you guessed it — why.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to look great?

Why do you want x amount of money?

Why do you want your family to be financially free?

3. Even Personal Development Teachers Get Tired of Personal Development!

Most people reading this may be wondering why I stopped blogging about personal development. The reason why is because I have a habit of slacking off in regards to the subject. I lost my passion some time ago, and I’m making slow progress in getting back into it.

Demetrius is building his dream to commercialize personal development. Charles asked why he’s doing it, to which Demetrius replied that personal development is boring. Then Charles asked why he feels that way. Demetrius told a story in which the two of them were in a car listening to an audiobook, and Charles switched to a hip-hop station!

I was shocked at this story. After 5 years of experience, I can testify that Charles is the man when it comes to writing essays about personal development. I don’t know a single person more passionate about personal development than Demetrius. So to hear Demetrius say that it’s boring and even go as far as to make that part of his Why, and to hear that Charles was falling asleep on Think and Grow Rich, of all things, is the last thing I’d expect to hear from them. Now I don’t feel as insecure about my journey back to personal development.

4. Help is Right in Front of You!

The audience was told of the old story of a man being trapped during a flood, then dismissing several forms of help while waiting for God himself to come help him. The moral of that story is how Inner Success Radio came to be. Demetrius wanted to have a podcast, but didn’t know how to do it. It just so happened that his friend, Charles, had years of experience. In other words, Charles had the one thing that was holding him back. When the two of them joined forces, Demetrius later achieved his dream of having their podcast on iHeartRadio.

Everybody knows that God has the power to help us reach our goals in unimaginable ways. However, most people tend to be so focused on what God will do for us in the end, that we overlook the children of God who can help us now. We pay no attention to the friends and family with the skills and connections to help us at least get a foot in the door. There’s an old saying that goes “don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.”

5. The Show Must Go On!

In the later portion of the show, the audience got restless and started talking too loud. Demetrius acknowledged this by saying that he’s not going to allow them to interfere. They simply don’t affect him. The hosts are going to keep going for the people who are listening.

Demetrius then told a story of when he used to practice his lectures on his teenaged cousin. When he spoke, the cousin would do “stupid stuff.” While Demetrius was getting really into his speech, the cousin suddenly walked out of the room. He asked what the cousin was doing, and the cousin said that he was just teaching Demetrius that things will happen while he’s talking. Not everybody is going to receive or respect a public speaker, regardless of his/her skills or what they’re talking about. Just ignore those people and get it done.

Inner Success Radio posts a new episode every Wednesday at 9:00am. As of this writing, there are 27 episodes available between 30 and 60 minutes long. You can check out the show for free on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, iHeartRadio, and the official website.

Make a nice day!

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Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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