How to Upsell in 3 Easy Steps!

Scripts are included!


Listening to Tom Schreiter gave me a really cool idea on how to upsell your company’s top product! The following strategy will make things easier to explain your top product to your prospect. It will also be easier for the prospect to understand.

Most MLM companies have a basic product, and a few more products that are essentially a basic on steroids. Most marketers upsell by speed-reading a long list of features of their top-level product, then they ask if the customer is interested in an upgrade for an extra fee. I don’t know about you, but I’m often left confused when I hear this style. Here’s what I recommend:

1. Instead of just telling your prospect about your more expensive product, think about the features. Which specific features can help the prospect in a way that the basic can’t? If you’re like most successful marketers, you ask questions anyway to pinpoint the prospect’s problem. In asking those questions, prospects may give you clues as to how an upgrade can help them. Or you can just ask if they have a specific problem that the upsell can solve.

2. Next, inform them that you can solve that problem. Give a brief explanation of the results they can expect.

3. From there, ask for their permission to upgrade to the upper-level product.

An outline of the script can be as follows:

“I’m just curious, do you have__________ (a problem that your top-level product can solve)? Well, I just found out that our company can__________ (tell how your product will solve their problem). Would it be okay if we add (your product) to your order?”

Some of your prospects will have questions. One of my colleagues has an awesome response for this case, and any other time someone asks how your product or business work: just give a testimony. My colleague also has a great opening statement for the testimony. When someone asks how it works, you say: “All I know is…” then you give them a short account of you or someone else using the product and what results they got.

This script worked perfectly the first time I used it. While filling out an application over the phone for someone who had agreed to buy a dental plan, I ended up selling them the top plan, which includes dental and medical benefits. All I did was ask whether they had hospital bills! I said something to the effect of:

“I’m just curious, do you have any old hospital bills?” She said yes. “Because I just found out that our company can discount those bills for you, as long as they’re $400 or more.” She laughed and said she owed a lot more than that. Then I told her that some of our clients have gotten their hospital bill completely cancelled. Next, I told her a famous testimony regarding this feature. Then I asked, “Would it be okay if we add the hospital advocacy to your order for only $15 more per month?”

She was ready to buy before I even explained the other features of the plan!

Make a nice day!

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