How to Get Your Downline to Do What You Want!

What to do when your downline won’t do!


Do you have people on your team who don’t do jack, no matter what you tell them? That can be pretty frustrating. Especially when they end up calling you all the time to ask things they could have easily figured out themselves. So how do you get these lazy fools to work?

I’m just curious, are you doing everything that you expect your downline to do? Are you working your business diligently? Do you physically show them how it’s done? Do you all get together for group work? Are you constantly learning smarter ways to work? Do you have prospects blowing up your phone?

If not, then who are you to complain when your teammates don’t do it? Most people love excuses. If they see one person — especially the one who tells them what to do — not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, they use that person as an excuse not to do it, themselves.

“Well, is John inviting people to the meetings? Do you tell Mary to read this script? Do you wear suits everywhere? Why isn’t Melanie passing out flyers with us?”

If you are taking your business seriously and some of your teammates aren’t, there’s not much you can do. Remember, we are independent business owners. In other words, we don’t have bosses to tell us what/when/how to do, yet the serious among us do it anyway because they want to be there.

As for the teammates who constantly nag you about things they can easily figure out for themselves, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has a great response you can say:

“What is it you want me to do for you that you are unwilling to do for yourself?”

Some people will start out slow, then become inspired by the success and drive of others. Some will start out lazy, and leave lazy. The top earners in any company will tell you that this is normal and they see it every day. If those top earners aren’t keeping every single person in their downline, what makes you think you have complete control over yours? All you can do is practice what you preach and help the serious people in your downline.

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development, activism, and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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