How to Ask for Your Prospects’ Personal Info!

A simple way to get your prospects’ credit info and social security number!


A common roadblock for network marketers lies in the application process. Whether you’re selling something or recruiting people, you’ll have to ask for the prospect’s banking or credit card information, and maybe their social security number. Some marketers are afraid to ask for those details. Some prospects are afraid to give out those details. The following scripts will ease the fears of both of you.

Social Security
🌟“(Name), if you want to get paid in this country, whether it be through a job or starting a business, you’ll need a social security number. Would it be okay if you told me what your number is?”

Most likely, your prospect has had several jobs. The above script reminds them that they did have to give their social to their employers. The prospect is also learning that business applications are no different.

Credit card
🌟“(Name), will you be using a Visa or MasterCard?”

*Visa: “Awesome. What’s that number beginning with the number 4?”

*MasterCard: “Awesome. What’s that number beginning with the number 5?”

*Discover: “Awesome. What’s that number beginning with the number 6011?”

*American Express: “Awesome. What’s that number beginning with the number 3?”

By providing the beginning numbers of the prospect’s credit card, you’re showing that you’re a professional. You’re so used to closing sales and taking credit info, that the first digits just come naturally to you. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

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