Why Would You Hate Rich People?

A semi rant that debunks some beliefs about rich people.

Most people want to be rich. If you are a normal man or woman, you cannot help doing so. One reason why people don’t get rich is an ironic one: they hate rich people. By law of attraction, hate towards the rich repels any chances of them becoming rich, and attracts things that block their progress in trying to become rich. This is especially bad for entrepreneurs.

Like most generalizations, hate towards rich people mainly comes from ignorance. Perhaps this essay will help you change your perspective.

Rich people are generally perceived by critics as stuck-up, lazy, and greedy. People who say those things have all kinds of questions for the rich:

“Why do they need a house that big? Why does that couple need two cars each? Why does he need so many expensive paintings? Why does she need all those bedrooms, when she lives alone? Why do they need so much money?”

And then there’s the usual complaint:

“It’s not fair that I work so hard while they get millions of dollars for something that anybody can do! They should give that money to me!”

The example questions are self-explanatory: rich people don’t need those things. They just happen to want them. Do you need a house? No, but you may either own or prefer to live in one, rather than an apartment. Do you need your car, or your dream car, if you don’t have one? No. You can take public transportation, but you may want a car of your own. Rich people are no different, other than the fact that they can afford exactly what they want. It’s not a matter of greed, it’s a matter of preference.

The latter two example statements are ridiculous, in my opinion. Why are you entitled to free money that other people worked for? Because you work hard? Rich people work just as hard, if not harder than you, for their money. Yes, even those celebrities you may love to hate.

Most people know that no matter what their job is, or how much it pays, it’s not as easy as it looks. You could be a cashier, a store manager, a toll collector, a movie usher, anything that looks easy, but if someone were to say, “oh, anyone can do that,” some of you will get offended. Claiming that professionally acting and singing are easy is just as foolish.

Everybody knows that musicians get paid based on percentages as low as 1% of the total album sales. Seeing that most musicians are not platinum, or even gold status, that’s not much of a salary to brag about. Even the Lil’ Waynes and Taylor Swifts of the world had to work for free (and pay to work) for a while. Actors aren’t in a much better boat, particularly new actors in a world where most people watch movies for free at home, rather than pay in theaters.

Becoming a major celebrity doesn’t always mean that someone can work less. Could you study a hundred-plus page script within a few months, and then recite your lines in public? Ever had to write a selection of songs that millions of people enjoy, then perform those songs in front of those millions on a frequent basis? Can you score upwards of 32 points in most of your basketball games? Would you follow the strict diet and exercise schedule that an athlete has to constantly keep up with? Can you handle having throngs of people follow you and your family everywhere with cameras every time you leave the house? All this is the daily life of many celebrities.

Entrepreneurship can be a very difficult way to make a living. You have to know what people want. You have to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. You have to market against fierce competition, trying to make your product look better than theirs. Some people have to spend a fortune on trial-and-error in the making of the product. Then secure the patents, copyrights, anything to prove that they own it. Oh, and business owners don’t paid for any of this. Most people get stuck on the idea stage!

Some people also get mad at the children of the rich. If a rich person wants their kids to live off their money as adults until they can make it on their own, it’s a problem. If the kids are chosen to continue the business that gave their family its fortune, it’s a problem. It’s a problem because those people look at it like:

“I have to work for a living and struggle to pay bills while these kids have everything handed to to them!”

What’s wrong with not having to work for a living? You said it yourself that you hate having to struggle to pay bills. Well, unless a person learns from the wealthy through their presence and/or teachings, preferably starting at a young age, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing for most of their life if they work for a living. Don’t let the stereotypes fool you; even doctors, lawyers, and other college graduates have problems keeping the lights on.

If the rich parents raise their children right — as in teach them about finances without spoiling them — the kids will never have to go through the grim realities that many people face. They won’t have to enter a crooked workforce that barely pays them enough to live off of. They won’t have to constantly worry about being laid off. They won’t have to work multiple jobs. They can pay medical expenses without losing everything they own.

Why not use this as your reason for getting rich? Get rich so your generation can be the last of the family that has to neglect the things they really want and need due to lack of money.

There is also the argument that rich people should not have so much money because the universal poverty rate is so high. People think that if rich people would donate every dime they earn to the poor, poverty would suddenly vanish.

This is an understandable point. But, believe it or not, putting an end to poverty is not as simple as dropping a million dollars into the lap of every poor person in the world. Most people, even above the poverty line, never get the financial education they need to handle that much money. Unless a person is properly educated on money management, they will lose it all, and more, in due time.

Lotteries pay millions of dollars to average people just because they happen to own little pieces of paper. Funny how this concept isn’t as big a target of complaints as rich people who earn all their money. Usually, those people don’t know how to manage their prize responsibly. They want to live like celebrities, so they buy all sorts of expensive stuff until they end up with even less money than they had before the lottery.

Some celebrities also have problems with money. You may read about them having their homes raided because they owe tax money. You may have noticed some of them frequently getting arrested and spending thousands in bail money and court costs.

Many troubled celebrities had those problems before they got all that money. The money was just a way for their bad habits to worsen. If they were gamblers before, they can bet even more money now. If they had drinking problems before, they can buy more to drink now. If they were shopping over their monetary limits before, they can do the same thing now.

Obviously, the average person is familiar with having money. Celebrities who earn excessive amounts of money know what it’s like to live a lavish lifestyle. If some of them can’t even keep millions of dollars, what sense does it make to give a poor person that much money and expect him/her make a living off of it?

Look at it this way: do you think the homeless people whom some of you frequently pass by are entitled to your hard-earned money? You may not be rich, but to a homeless person who has to struggle just to survive one day, you’re practically royalty with your clean clothes, warm house, and car. Why don’t you set an example for the rich and donate some of that stuff to poor people who live near you? Most likely, you don’t need everything you own, just like you say about rich people.

Which brings me to another reason why it’s okay to want to be rich. If you were rich, you could do more to help the less fortunate. Bill Gates challenged the wealthy of the world to be more charitable, and Warren Buffet has donated $2.8 billion this year alone. Why not you?

Make a nice day!


Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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