Why Go to Out-of-State Events?

Does your company have presentations in other cities? If so, then maybe it’s time to go on a trip!


This article has been released with amazing timing. About two hours prior, I arrived back in New Jersey after a fun weekend in North Carolina. I had attended a business opportunity presentation that was hosted by some colleagues. For several reasons, it was well worth the 12-hour ride. Reasons that I believe that it’s important for entrepreneurs to attend presentations outside their state.

Most network marketing companies have opportunity presentations in multiple areas. You may have heard people suggest that you invite distant relatives to those meetings. Or complete strangers through Craigslist ;-). I’m just curious, have you ever thought about attending one yourself (or with guests)? Rather than tell you that you “should” make the trip, I’m just going to tell you, based on my experiences, how it can benefit you. And if you’re hosting your own presentations, this article may give you ideas to boost those events.

Different People Learn Different Ways

There is a night and day difference between my local meetings and the distant ones. For instance, the local meetings go into lots detail and take questions during the presentation. The distant events move at a fast pace while getting the point across, and usually advise guests to hold their questions until the end of that host’s section. The local ones put a lot of emphasis on motivating the new and old IBOs. The distant meetings focus more on the company itself, and teaching business skills.

The distant meetings keep things fresh by giving 3 hosts their own section. One host is a half-laid back, half-joker college graduate with a passion for learning. Another is a very witty former customer with an accent who liked the service so much that she decided to sell it. The other is a super energetic, young mom of 2 who joined at a time where she was, in her words, “a 21-year-old, broke cashier from Home Depot.” Everybody knows that 3 personalities make it easier for guests to find a host to relate to, and therefore be comfortable working with them.

Fresh Perspective on Your Business

When you’re accustomed to frequently seeing only one style of work, you become conditioned to believe that that style is the only way to work. My local meeting is hosted by someone who tends to be aggressive towards prospects. That’s okay, however, someone with a more friendly personality may not want to talk to people that way. For the longest, I thought the 3-foot rule was the only way to get leads, because that’s what my host does. One of the first things I do every morning is thank God that I was wrong.

The hosts at the distant meetings talk in a way I find very intriguing. They ask lots of questions to get to know the guests and make sure that they and the business are a great fit for each other. They ask things such as what their goals are, why they want to work from home, work experience, etc. The hosts even take the guests out to lunch right after the presentation and chill with them, whether they join at the meeting or not. It just so happens that one of our company services is restaurant discounts, so the hosts are also showing the guests how the company works!

In January 2011, I was invited by a couple of colleagues to give out materials in Tennessee. At the time, we all lived in NJ. Yes, the 3 of us traveled over 800 miles just to give out materials. As of this writing, I have yet to get a single lead from that trip. I got something even better. The other two were using a strange tool called polybags. Maybe you’ve heard of them; they’re only my favorite and most successful lead generator. They were a welcome change of pace from the cold calling and flyer-passing that I was doing before.

It was at a North Carolina event that I learned a great system for effective 3-way calls:

1. Peak the prospect’s interest (by advertising)

2. Show them something (website, recorded phone overview, live phone presentation etc.)

3. Schedule a followup appointment at an exact time.

4. Call an upline to schedule a 3-way at that time.

New Ideas

Some people have the fortune of knowing a colleague well enough to stay at their place for the night(s). What better opportunity to pick someone’s brain and exchange ideas? And these ideas aren’t exclusive to your business; you may even learn something for a personal project.

This blog was actually created in December 2015. I was happy with the process of making it, excited about the launch, but very disappointed in the end result. It felt like something was missing, and I didn’t know what it could be. So I put the blog on hiatus and soon forgot about it.

Fast forward to a trip to NC in April 2016, and Law of Attraction brought me an interesting conversation. My colleague, Demetrius, and I were sitting at a table, when he brought up blogging. He told me that I should start a blog, then threw some ideas around on what to write about. One idea that caught my attention was what I’m doing now: write about my life and personal development!

Being with your business partners doesn’t have to be all business. Take a look at this hilarious video I recorded, and watch how much fun can be had!

Shake up Your Routine

There’s an old saying that one of the biggest killers of the mind is staleness. Living the same day every day gets boring and even frustrating after a while. Traveling to and staying in a far, strange place brings a lot of unpredictability. And that can be fun.

During a morning trip, a Greyhound driver told a hilarious story while explaining use of the overhead luggage compartment. She said that those of us who have not been blessed with the gift of height can stand in the seats. If you happen to fall down and accidentally slap some random woman’s hair off, just get back up, brush yourself off, and try again. Then she told us to stop laughing because that actually happened.

Zyykirrah, the person I was staying with, owns an amazing cooking brand called Healthy is Sexy. The menu at her house is way different than my usual diet. Every time I go there, I’m introduced to new food. 9 times out of 10, I enjoy it. Then I sometimes buy some from a local store and pray that I make it edible. Her Brussels sprouts were so amazing that I asked for seconds. When I cooked my own, I didn’t even make it to the second sprout :(.

Yesterday, Demetrius and I decided to pass out flyers. He drove to a certain area, expecting a crowd of people. There weren’t many, but we got out of the car and gave flyers to whoever we saw. While walking, we found a long line of people in front of a food vendor. We got closer, and it turned out that some kind of festival was going on! I’m fairly certain this wasn’t happening back home. The streets were packed to where hundreds of my cards were gone in under 20 minutes! As Demetrius pointed out, it’s a great feeling to have person after person taking flyers, and the only problem is when that one idiot messes up the flow.

Network with New People

I mentioned inviting local people to your distant presentations. What would be even more powerful would be if you actually showed up to attend with them. Can you imagine how impressed your guests would be if they found out that you were so committed to the business that you traveled from another state just to be there? Do you think they’d like to work with someone like that?

You can also network with and befriend people outside of your marketing business. At my first NC event, one man was looking for work in trucking, and had trouble finding a job. It just so happened that another man was there who had a truck business. At the event I just came from, we sang happy birthday to a colleague, who then gave a testimony on being told years ago that she wasn’t expected to live for long. This caused a guest to say that she had been cancer-free for a year, and colleague crossed the room for a hug.

Many of us have been going to that one local meeting for years. Does your company have business opportunity presentations in other cities and/or states? If so, then maybe it’s time to go on a trip!

Make a nice day!

Author: realdealjh

Great morning, great afternoon, and great evening! My name is Jibriel Holloway, and this is where I share the things I learn on my journey of personal development, activism, and in business. Hopefully, you get something out of it that will skyrocket your life!

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