How to Kill it on Craigslist!

Did you know that Craigslist is used by over 60 million Americans per month?


Did you know that Craigslist gets over 50 billion views per month? CL is the most popular and reliable classified ad website. Naturally, most marketers use it for their business. Sure, network marketing is forbidden there, but there are many ways to get around those rules. Let’s go over them.


The key to Craigslist is consistency. Because of Craigslist’s strict policy against spamming, you’ll need several accounts to be consistent. To do this, you’ll need multiple email addresses and phone numbers.

  • There are a lot of places to get free email addresses. Google/Gmail and Yahoo are the most popular. There’s also AOL, MSN, Lycos, and Hotmail.
  • When you first post a Craigslist ad, the website will log and monitor your IP address (the identification of your computer). So if you post too many ads, even with multiple accounts, Craigslist itself will delete them within seconds of being created, even the ones that do follow the rules. They can even ban your IP address so that any future ads you post will automatically be deleted. To bypass this, you’ll need to download a free program that will hide your IP, such as TunnelBear or CyberGhost.
  • Whenever you post a free ad with a new Craigslist account, you’ll need to verify yourself by entering a phone number so they can send you a confirmation code through text or voice message. And you can only use one phone number per account. Many people get stuck here after using cell and home numbers. Create custom phone numbers using free programs such as Google Voice or eVoice (phone app), and use them instead. Keep notes of which Craigslist account has which phone number.

Where to Post Ads

It’s okay to make ads that target everyone, however, it is best to have a target audience. With a specific audience in mind, your ads can be written in a way that speaks to that group of people on a personal level, as opposed to trying to cater to everybody in a way that nobody wants to hear. Some of your ads can target single moms. Some can for college students. You can make ads for baby boomers who fear downsizing. Some of your ads might cater to people who want to save on taxes. Do a Google search for the top cities/states to find your target market. Make sure those stats are at least as recent as the past year. For example:

If you’re in AmeriPlan, use provider search to make sure the cities you choose have plenty of dentists. Also, keep in mind that we don’t do business in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, or Wyoming.

What to Say In Your Ads

Craigslist will delete duplicate ads. Each of your ads must be different. Different title, different description, city, and state. Even if you’re using more than one account, this rule stands. Check out my article on a 4-step formula for making your own advertisements.

More Tips

  • There is an awesome tool called Headline Analyzer  that will measure how effective your headline (title of your ad) is. Simply type your headline into the space, choose a category for your ad, and it will give you the percentage of your headline’s probability of grabbing someone’s attention.
  • Craigslist has rules against network marketing, so avoid words like “MLM,” “network marketing,” and “opportunity.”
  • If you have multiple websites, such as variants and a domain name, this will come in handy. When creating an ad, put one of those sites in it. Then for your next ad, use another one of your websites, and so on.
  • In the “specific location” box, enter “Statewide” or “Nationwide.” This will show the prospect that the position is available in their city, even if you posted your ad in a different area. For instance, some cities cost money to post. You can put an ad in a free city and use this strategy to attract people from the pay cities.
  • In the “compensation” box, enter a range between $1200 and $3000. For example, “$1200-$2400 per month.”
  • After typing your ad, Craigslist will allow you to choose multiple pictures from your computer/phone to put on your ad. The best pictures to use in advertising are the ones with people smiling and looking right at the camera. If you’re inviting people to meetings, you can put a picture of that location. Maybe from different angles. Do a Google Image search for the picture. If you don’t find the location, search Google Maps for a street view, then take a screenshot. Click here to learn how.
  • If you’re using a paid ad, you can change the colors and size of your words. You do this with html coding. Click here for more information on the coloring, and here for the coding for font size.
  • Rather than type out your ad in the description, you can open an image editor like Microsoft Paint and type it on a canvas. And when Craigslist asks you to upload a picture, upload that. Simply type your call to action. The pro is that Craigslist won’t be able to detect words used in the picture, so you can use those forbidden words I went over, and even use the same ad multiple times (with different titles). The con of using a picture with your ad typed in, is that those words won’t be visible in the Craigslist search, either, so be sure to put important words in the description box.

Here is an example.


And those are the strategies I use to make Craigslist ads. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Make a nice day!

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